Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications

AudioCodes has joined up with Alcatel-Lucent to provide enterprises with solutions that offer interoperability with legacy telephony systems, security and protocol mediation. These solutions enable the smooth deployment of Alcatel-Lucent IP telephony and unified communications systems.

As part of the Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP), AudioCodes hybrid Mediant Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBC) and Media Gateway platforms have been certified for interoperability with Alcatel-Lucent SIP solutions for enterprises, including OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) and OmniPCX Office (OXO).

AudioCodes E-SBCs and media gateways are especially useful in the following cases:

  • In small branch office locations that require multi-service functionality in a single box
  • During migration to VoIP services when the legacy TDM-PBX operates in parallel with Alcatel-Lucent OXE and OXO platforms, or when the PSTN is used as a fallback connection for SIP trunks
  • When reliable fax transmission is needed between over the SIP Trunking network
  • Interworking with Microsoft Lync and Exchange

E-SBC and SIP Trunking

The AudioCodes Mediant family of E-SBCs has been certified as interoperable with Alcatel-Lucent SIP solutions for enterprises, including OpenTouch Business Edition and the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server. AudioCodes E-SBCs provide enterprises with session mediation, service level assurance and security required to connect to SIP service providers and to connect remote users to enterprise SIP applications, while maintaining interoperability and manageability.

E-SBCs also enable off-premise employees or partners to benefit from Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch My Teamwork Conferencing and Collaboration solutions, featuring presence, instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing in a secure manner.

Alcatel Lucent SIP Trunking Diagram

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Analog Telephony/Fax Adaptors

AudioCodes offers a wide range of CPE media gateways that support the full range of traditional analog and digital telephony interfaces. This enables companies to retain their analog telephones and fax machines and migrate gradually to an all IP architecture. AudioCodes’ CPE gateways also enable remote offices and home workers to connect to the headquarters’ OmniPCX IP-PBX over their WAN link. If the WAN connection to the headquarters is lost, the gateways’ inherent Standalone Survivability (SAS) mechanism ensures that internal calls within the remote office can continue, as well as calls to the PSTN.


Branch Survivability

In a centralized deployment of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX IP-PBX, a WAN failure can a loss of communications at branch offices. AudioCodes Multi-Service Business Routers (MSBRs) provide multiple redundant WAN links and built-in standalone survivability (SAS) to all the registered SIP Phones at that branch office to enable internal calls, external calls through PSTN fallback connection and automatic recovery when the connection to the IP-PBX is restored.


Connecting Alcatel-Lucent with Microsoft UC

By acting as the mediation device between Alcatel-Lucent’s and Microsoft’s own implementations of the SIP communications protocol, AudioCodes E-SBCs and media gateways provide users new ways to increase productivity and collaboration without having to change their working habits.

AudioCodes’ SIP integration, specifically in the Microsoft arena, provides faster resolution for the communications needs and integration challenges of Alcatel-Lucent partners and their associated business customers.

Alcatel Lucent Connecting with Lync Diagram

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