Connexion Technologies Case Study

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Connexion Technologies

Connexion Technologies is an infrastructure provider, delivering one-source communications technology solutions for service providers wishing to connect their networks to multi-unit customer premises, including apartment buildings, luxury resorts and residential units. Connexion’s award-winning Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks have virtually unlimited bandwidth and are equipped to handle emerging technologies as they come to market – enabling information to literally travel at the speed of light. Connexion has aligned itself with many leading service providers to supply their fiber optic networks for television, telephone and Internet services. Established in 2002 and based in Cary, NC, Connexion Technologies currently employs 431 employees and has installations in 300 properties in 18 different states and the Bahamas.



Network designers at Connexion Technologies faced a unique challenge when initially deploying service provider IP-based networks for their residential customers who had already installed alarm systems, fax machines and other devices which depended on legacy analog modem technology. Previously, these devices used Analog Loop Start telephone lines to the local telephone carrier, but with the advanced IP-based infrastructure, the Connexion designers needed an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to convert from analog to IP, deliver high voice quality and support reliable modem connections. After an evaluation of a number of ATA devices available in the market, it was clear to the Connection Technologies engineers, that many of the current devices had inconsistent voice quality and/or very poor reliability in modem applications.


For their ATA requirements, Connexion Technologies selected the AudioCodes MediaPack MP-20x based on the high voice quality and reliability results they found during their testing. By closely collaborating with AudioCodes Research and Development staff, the Connexion Technologies network engineers were able to further improve the alarm system compatibility by making adjustments to the firmware in the MP-20x device. “AudioCodes’ engineers have been very responsive and as a result, we were able to resolve the reliability issues with alarm panels and other analog modem devices,” commented Geoff Fair, Connexion Technologies’ Vice-President of Engineering.

Connexion Technologies Case Study


The AudioCodes MP-20x ATA has been deployed by Connexion Technologies since November 2007, in sites where residential units require one or more analogtelephone lines which are connected to the service provider network. Alternatively, AudioCodes Mediant 2000 units are deployed in sites where they have already - installed PBX or IP-PBX equipment. “By choosing AudioCodes MediaPack and Mediant media gateways, Connexion Technologies was able to reduce the operating costs at these customer sites, avoid costly upgrades to the already-installed equipment and maintain reliability for alarm systems and other modem-based devices,” stated Geoff Fair, ConnexionTechnologies’ Vice-President of Engineering.