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Media Gateways and E-SBCs Deliver PSTN and SIP Trunk Connectivity for a Genesys-based Contact Center


Based in Mumbai, India, DeAtlantic Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd (, is a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services focusing on end-to-end technical helpdesk support, customer care and telesales for a global clientele. Among DeAtlantic’s customers are Google Adwords, Barclays and other leading companies around the world.

DeAtlantic was assisted in this project by SmartConnect Technologies ( SmartConnect is a boutique consulting and solutions delivery organization, specializing in providing its clients with end-to-end “Unified Interaction Management and Communications” solutions.


In conjunction with its technology partner SmartConnect Technologies, DeAtlantic evaluated various media gateway solutions available in the market. The selection of AudioCodes as the preferred media gateway vendor was primarily based on its past performance in similar environments and its experience in deploying converged TDM and IP networks in large enterprises and telcos. In addition, compliance with international telephony and SIP standards, field experience in integrating with contact center platforms and a strong local and regional technical support team, were also crucial factors in AudioCodes’ favor.

Seetharaman Venkat, Program Director at SmartConnect Technologies, explained his company’s recommendation of AudioCodes technology for DeAtlantic:

“Our evaluation was driven by price-to-performance ratio, mean time between failures and other aspects of product features. We found AudioCodes to be meeting all parameters to the satisfaction of our client. The support and quick response of the AudioCodes team has been one of the key considerations for us to propose AudioCodes as part of our client’s global roll-out technology platform. We’ve worked with AudioCodes over the last five years and their attitude towards client-problem resolution is fantastic.”

In order to provide a solution for routing calls over the PSTN and SIP trunks, DeAtlantic selected two products from the AudioCodes portfolio, namely the Mediant 1000 and the Mediant 3000 Media Gateways, respectively.

The Mediant 1000 and 3000 both provide support for essential features in a contact center environment, such as their comprehensive call routing mechanisms. Furthermore, thanks to AudioCodes advanced DSP technology, both gateways fully support Answering Machine Detection and Call Progress Detection, for IP-IP as well as IP-PSTN calls. AudioCodes’ support for these features enabled DeAtlantic to improve its contact center agents’ efficiency and ensure high quality customer interactions.

The Mediant 1000 is a modular media gateway device that supports a combination of analog and digital telephony interfaces, with a maximum capacity of 4 E1s (120 ports) per unit, residing in a 1U chassis.

The Mediant 1000 has been selected by Genesys as the recommended media gateway in the SIP Select program. Genesys SIP Select features the Genesys SIP Reference Architecture with a commonly integrated IP contact center solution built upon an open, standards-based SIP interoperability around the Genesys SIP Server. The fact that the Mediant 1000 is so closely integrated with the Genesys SIP Server meant that DeAtlantic could deploy the gateway safe in the knowledge that interoperability would not be an issue.

In addition to interconnecting directly with the PSTN, DeAtlantic decided to route the majority of its calls via SIP trunks provided by Tata. DeAtlantic selected the Mediant 3000 Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) to enable the interconnection between the Genesys SIP Server and Tata’s SIP trunking network. The Mediant 3000 E-SBC provides security, session mediation and service level assurance services, connecting the enterprise to SIP Trunking providers, while maintaining interoperability and manageability. In particular, in the case of DeAtlantic, the role of the Mediant 3000 was to enable IP-IP routing between the Genesys SIP Server and Tata’s SIP trunking network. An important function within that role was to perform SIP normalization between the two systems, enabling the two disparate implementations of the SIP protocol to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Another important feature of the Mediant 3000 was its exceptional scalability. The Mediant 3000 deployed at DeAtlantic was configured initially to support up to 250 concurrent SIP sessions but a single device has the capacity to be upgraded to support up to 1000 sessions, simply via a software key. This is of particular benefit to DeAtlantic which has an aggressive plan for future expansion of its contact center operation.

DeAtlantic's Genesys Contact Center with AudioCodes Media Gateways

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Thanks to AudioCodes’ vast field experience and the maturity of its VoIP products, deployment of the DeAtlantic system was achieved very smoothly. AudioCodes’ local technical team in India was able to install the system successfully and get it up and running in a very short time.

On DeAtlantic’s selection of AudioCodes as its supplier of VoIP gateways, CEO Jijoy Joseph said, “As a start-up venture, we evaluated various Media Gateway platforms, as part of our technology requirements. We found AudioCodes’ suite of products to be extremely flexible, open-architecture and capable of interfacing with various contact-center platforms. The AudioCodes sales team has been assisting our SI partner SmartConnect Technologies, which made the entire process easy for us to finalize our way forward.”

Due to the success of the initial installation, DeAtlantic is already considering expanding the current operation by at least 250 seats every quarter, with an aggressive growth target of 1500 seats in 2011. The company anticipates around 3000 additional AudioCodes ports to be deployed to accommodate the expected increase in demand.