deltathree Case Study

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A One-Stop-Shop Case Study: deltathree

Powered by AudioCodes Mediant 2000 and MediaPack Gateways

deltathree, a leading provider of hosted, SIP-based VoIP products and services used several different vendors for CPE devices on the access side of their network. By using AudioCodes MediaPack Series Analog Media Gateways and the Mediant 2000 for Digital Trunking, deltathree benefits from a one-stop-shop vendor for covering their analog and digital CPE needs within a SIP environment. In the rapidly evolving telephony industry, AudioCodes field-tested and flexible CPE gateways enable deltathree to provide high quality Internet telephony solutions that are viable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone services.

Compatible and Interoperable Products

“In the rapidly evolving telephony industry, the protocols and standards are not 100 percent finalized, and therefore we place great importance on flexibility and interoperability in connecting multiple network elements,” said Noam Bardin, Chairman and Co-founder of deltathree. “Before we discovered AudioCodes, we used several different vendors for CPE devices on the access side. Now we can offer AudioCodes’ full portfolio of analog and digital gateways. We use AudioCodes CPE devices combined with our own SIP proxy.”

deltathree is a leading provider of hosted, VoIP based products and services, based on the SIP protocol. These include private-label products such as PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-Phone, and Broadband Phone, as well as backoffice services such as billing, operations management, marketing support and network management to service providers worldwide. deltathree uses AudioCodes equipment in their SIP-based networks to provide voice services globally. The call is routed via the Internet from the service provider to deltathree, via AudioCodes gateways, where the call is terminated and transferred to the appropriate location. deltathree’s high quality Internet telephony solutions are viable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone services via AudioCodes gateways.

“As a global provider of IP telephony services, having the best network infrastructure is essential for deltathree to deliver superior call quality to our customers,” said Shimmy Zimels, President and Chief Executive Officer of deltathree. “We selected AudioCodes Mediant and the MediaPack products based on the high quality of these media gateways, the ease of integration and the ability to install these products across a wide range of customer environments. Due to the excellence of their products, combined with a support staff dedicated to the advancement of market-leading IP telephony solutions, AudioCodes is an important partner of deltathree.”

SIP Priority Needs VoIP Expertise

In the beginning of 2000, deltathree made a strategic decision to build its latest generation of VoIP technology around the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard that allows greater flexibility in application development and deployment. deltathree incorporates a pure SIP network architecture that is required to work without hitches. The company describes its expertise in SIP as a substantial competitive advantage. Its consumer division, iConnectHere uses this infrastructure presently to serve PC-to-phone users. The company compares VoIP as the “new dawn” and SIP as the “rising sun”. Consequently, deltathree needed a complementary expert in VoIP technology and regarded AudioCodes as its answer. “The next generation of communication protocols are relatively new and require a very high expertise of engineering,” added Effi Baruch, Operations Manager for deltathree. “AudioCodes fills the gap in the market because it has a strong, efficient and flexible solution for our needs.”

deltathree Network Architecture using AudioCodes Gateways

AudioCodes MediaPack is an analog media gateway that serves both as an interface between the PSTN and the IP network as well as an interface for legacy phones, faxes & PBXs. The MediaPack provides an excellent solution for PSTN interfacing where digital interfaces are unavailable.

The Mediant 2000 VoIP Gateway is a digital media gateway that supports 1 to 16 E1/T1 spans. Intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis and especially designed for small, medium or remote locations, the Mediant 2000 can be deployed in IP core network solutions for many applications including PBX Access Trunking Gateways, IP Centrex Gateways and Broadband Access Gateways.

The AAA server is a centralized Authentication, Authorization and Accounting server for remote access for user communication. Call Detail Records (CDR) and subscriber databases (i.e. for authentication) are stored here.

AudioCodes’ IPmedia 2000 media server, coupled with deltathree’s IVR application, provides the end user with an interactive experience. Powered by AudioCodes’ DSP engine and native SIP control for detecting and interpreting DTMF digits from subscribers, the IPmedia 2000 supplies the subscriber appropriate voice prompts interactively, thereby improving the users’ experience.

deltathree uses AudioCodes analog access gateways and digital access gateways to provide international and long-distance calling cards using VoIP. AudioCodes analog gateways are deployed in diverse places ranging from internet coffee shops to central offices of local telephony providers. Digital gateways are usually connected to the PBXs of enterprise users (businesses).

“We are pleased that deltathree provides our analog and digital gateways to their partners that offer IP telephony services” said Shabtai Adlersberg, President and CEO at AudioCodes. “deltathree’s reputation as a leading provider of hosted, private-label SIP based Voice over IP products and services to a wide range of customers such as ISPs, enterprises, Internet cafes and contact centers has resulted in a quality relationship.”

Looking Forward

AudioCodes successfully provided deltathree with a one-stop-shop solution with its analog and digital media gateways to provide its customers with a cost-competitive, high-performance product. The MediaPack and Mediants provide equipment for deltathree’s customer premise solutions. Together, AudioCodes and deltathree continue to create innovative products and services as VoIP continues to evolve.

Lior Aldema, VP of Marketing added: “Partnering with deltathree has been a win-win situation – deltathre management and billing of the system whereas AudioCodes provides a flexible range of media gateways which provide excellent voice quality to their customers. Together we enable a winning solution that has been recognized all over the world”.