Detran PR Case Study

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Detran PR

DETRAN/PR (Department of Traffic of the State of Paraná) in Brazil, manages approximately 4 million cars and 3 million drivers in 399 cities throughout the state of Paraná. Headquartered in Curitiba, DETRAN/PR operates using 6 regional offices, and 99 local offices (Ciretrans). DETRAN/PR is free to define the technologies that they will use in order to achieve a better operational level and cost reduction.

DETRAN/PR was running old telecommunications and IT systems which were separated from each other and had to be upgraded in order to allow the initiation of new services and technologies. In addition, DETRAN was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on telecommunication costs, using their old TDM telephony network. DETRAN/PR engineers had to investigate a new integrated data and telephony system that would save costs, simplify daily operations and provide full survivability and redundancy for internal and customer services. Survivability of the telephony network in case of a failure in the data WAN services was a key factor when selecting the new system.

DETRAN/PR selected Siemens Enterprise Communications as the Systems Integrator for their new network. Based on state-of-the-art IP Telephony technology, DETRAN deployed dual redundant Siemens HiPath 8000 (OpenScape Voice) Softswitches and AudioCodes Mediant 2000 Media Gateways, which provided the central switching services for 105 remote locations. These locations were equipped with AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Media Gateways, providing local PSTN breakout using E1/FXO interfaces, and most importantly, Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) services, in the case of a failure of their MPLS-based WAN, provided by Brasil Telecom. The embedded SAS feature on AudioCodes Media Gateways has proven to be the most cost effective solution for the customer. DETRAN/PR employees are using a combination of Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenStage IP terminals and softphones. There are currently no traditional TDM PBXs being utilized in the DETRAN/PR network. Fax support is achieved by using FXS interfaces on AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Modular Media Gateways, and MediaPack 124 analog Media Gateways. DETRAN/PR selected a combination of multiple vendors, including Cisco Routers & Core LAN Switches, and 3Com branch office router and switches for their data network. “DETRAN, in the State of Paraná, deployed a pure IP Telephony solution for the integration of voice, data and video in its 106 locations distributed in the whole State of Paraná,” stated Sérgio Tenório, New Technologies Advisor, IT and Telecom Department, DETRAN/PR. “This solution, composed of a number of devices, software items and professional services, brought us to an excellent level in convergence and real cost reduction. The local survivability solution (SAS), critical to the project’s success, has been deployed by utilizing AudioCodes Gateways, which guarantee that in the case of loss of IP Connectivity, the local branch will still successfully reach the PSTN.”

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DETRAN/PR started the migration to its new integrated network during the second half of 2007. Currently, the system is fully deployed, and DETRAN/PR is saving 76% of its telecommunications costs using the VoIP networking features of the new system.

On September 14th, 2007, an outage at the Brasil Telecom MPLS service brought down the WAN services in five of the DETRAN/PR offices, affecting 450 employees. The Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) feature of the AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Media Gateways that were deployed in these sites kept all voice communications up and running, without disturbing any of the users. SAS additionally allowed internal VoIP calls between IP Phones and Soft Phones, direct PSTN breakout using the E1 & FXO interfaces on the local branches Media Gateways and inter-branch telephony communications using the PSTN. One such call was made by DETRAN engineers to Siemens, thanking them for selecting AudioCodes Media Gateways and implementing the SAS feature.

“The AudioCodes SAS feature was developed as a result of an increasing demand for a cost-effective, survivability solution for IP Centrex and distributed IP Telephony networks,” stated Lior Aldema, Vice President Marketing and Product Management at AudioCodes. “We are pleased that this feature has proven to be a valuable solution for existing customers in real-time scenarios such as DETRAN/PR in Brazil. We are committed to continue the innovation with new features and products.”