Digium-Asterisk at Aspect Case Study

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Digium-Asterisk at Aspect

An Open Source IP-PBX Enterprise Case Study: Aspect Software
Powered by AudioCodes Mediant 2000 and MediaPack Gateways

About Aspect Software
Aspect Software, Inc. founded the contact center industry and is currently the world’s largest company focused solely on Internet Protocol (IP) and traditional voice-based contact center products and services. Privately held, Aspect Software has a customer base of more than 5000 in-house and outsourced global sites managing customer service, collections, sales and telemarketing business processes. Headquartered in Chelmsford, Mass., Aspect Software employs more than 2000 people worldwide with operations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Aspect has a wealth of more than 35 years of experience and
expertise in the contact center industry. For more information, visit www.aspect.com.

The Challenge
Aspect Software recently relocated its executive staff and other employees to their new corporate headquarters in Chelmsford, MA. This entailed a number of logistical, practical and technological steps which needed to be considered.

Aspect is a large operation with numerous employees that would require relocation. As communication is vital, the search for a complete telephony infrastructure serving all company IT requirements was initiated and evaluated by the IT department at Aspect Software.

“It was important to consider if Aspect should relocate with existing telephony equipment or rather purchase new equipment from a traditional equipment provider and look at various alternatives,” said Jamie Ryan, Chief Information Officer at Aspect Software. A number of elements needed to be taken into account in regards to selecting the correct telephony system for Aspect. In addition a list of specifications for the new Aspect Software global headquarters have been listed below:

Relocate more than 270 employees 34 remote voicemail only users 14 fax machines 36 conference room and executive office phones 38 general access area phones 4 receptionist/assistant expansion phones 100+ contact center agents Minimize cost of system and avoid any expensive or specialized wiring Ensure high availability with redundancy The Solution
Following in-depth research, Ryan and the IT team at Aspect Software chose to build a solution based on AudioCodes’ robust, scalable, best-of-breed products. The Mediant 2000 and MediaPack were specifically selected from the AudioCodes product portfolio for their ability to provide high voice quality, standard interfaces, compatibility, reliability and more. In addition
to AudioCodes’ gateways, Polycom IP Phones and Digium Asterisk Business Edition IP-PBX software were deployed in a fullyredundant and load-balanced architecture.

The IT department went through the usual due diligence process which is conducted when evaluating any application implemented at Aspect Software. This included an extensive IT review of the company’s infrastructure and how the solution would integrate with the company’s unified contact center solution, Aspect® Unified IP™, which provides automatic call distributor (ACD),
voice portal, dialer, recording and quality management capabilities. Following that evaluation, the IT team developed a deployment plan to ensure there would be no downtime in the company’s contact center and throughout the operation. Aspect Software also created a process to easily transfer the infrastructure from its old location to its new destination, enabling a smooth transition for the contact center. Based on the evaluation and the processes developed to ensure a seamless move, the decision to go with an open source and VoIP-based infrastructure was approved.

“Basing our solution on AudioCodes, Polycom and Digium, coupled with Aspect’ Unified IP, was the right decision for our new headquarters,” said Ryan. “The deployment cost less than bids by other vendors, and it was highly and easily customizable. We’ve found that external callers don’t realize that they are calling us on an open source VoIP-based telephony system - no one is the wiser, because it just works. The implementation was incredibly easy and the quality of the calls has been great. The solution enabled us to leverage the strategic direction that we are taking with our own products and demonstrates their reliability and ease of integration with our contact center solutions.

The Benefits
Aspect Software reports that they have experienced results surpassing their expectations.
“By deploying AudioCodes’ best-of-breed Mediant family, we were able to achieve a high voice quality, standard interfaces, compatibility and reliability. In addition the ability to be compatible with Digium/Asterisk created a win-win situation, allowing all chosen elements to interoperate together,” stated Ryan.

The new telephony system went live in March 2007 and has been supporting traffic in and out of corporate headquarters ever since. After a successful implementation, Aspect Software continues to seek innovative ways to further enhance its telephony infrastructure
and deliver a positive customer experience. The company has also incorporated Aspect Unified IP with the Asterisk Business Edition open source IP PBX, AudioCodes Media Gateways, and Polycom IP Phones as it moved to a new office in San Jose, Calif., and is looking to continue with this trend for future office relocations or openings.