Intelleca Case Study

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A Nationwide Trunking Solution for a Centralized VoIP Call Center



Intelleca, a division of the Bytes Technology Group, is South Africa’s leading provider of innovative voice and contact center solutions, including speech self-service automation, speaker verification (voice biometrics), Contact Center on Demand (CCOD), Workforce Optimization, Multimedia customer interaction solutions, and Voice over IP (VoIP) communication solutions. It represents global brands including Genesys, Nuance, VoiceGenie, Microsoft, AudioCodes, and CosmoCom, and counts many of South Africa’s Telco Network Operators and blue-chip Corporates among its clients. Intelleca provides its systems integration and professional services capability to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and has pioneered many local and international breakthroughs.

Intelleca were interested in integrating the Genesys’ VoiceGenie Contact Center solution into a TDM network of a Tier 1 South African service provider. As the Genesys’ VoiceGenie platform is VoIP based, Intelleca searched for a high availability VoIP media gateway to interconnect the VoiceGenie system with the service provider’s TDM core network.

The VoIP gateway had to provide STM-1 interfaces for service provider’s networks as well as support MGCP towards Intelleca’s Call Manager. As Intelleca designed their own MGCP Call Manager, they were looking for a gateway vendor who could quickly address any interoperability-related issues.

AudioCodes Mediant 8000 Media Gateway and the Genesys’ VoiceGenie system for Contact Centers were deployed by Intelleca into a Tier 1 South African, cellular network operator.

As depicted in the figure below, the Mediant 8000 carrier-grade VoIP Media Gateway bridges the gap between the IP and TDM networks, allowing a centralized SIP based IVR system to service all calls initiated in the Operator’s nationwide switching centers. The combination of VoIP media gateways and the VoiceGenie Call Center Solution gives the Operator the ability to introduce a cost-effective SIP based IVR service for its broad spectrum of Contact Centers. This deployment is a step forward in the transition from a legacy network to VoIP.

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The Call Center solution is designed around three key elements:

  • The Intelleca Media Gateway Controller,
  • AudioCodes Mediant 8000 Trunking Gateway
  • Genesys SIP Call Center Server

By utilizing AudioCodes Mediant 8000 media gateways, the Operator connects customers calling through the Cellular TDM switching nodes to the VoIP Call Center service node.
The Mediant 8000 media gateways were selected for a number of reasons:

  • Interoperability – AudioCodes’ commitment to interoperability allowing trunking gateway customers the freedom to select Softswitch/Media Gateway vendors. AudioCodes’ proven track record of interoperability has enabled the Mediant 8000 to be a natural choice for a standard trunking media gateway
  • High Availability - The Mediant 8000 is a NEBS compliant, carrier-class Media Gateway, designed with no single point of failure, in order to provide maximum availability for carrier telephony networks
  • Price per Channel - AudioCodes’ superior channel density allows maximum utilization of the media gateway capacity and a good price-performance within the market
  • VoIP Quality - AudioCodes’ use of its own DSP technology supplies superb VoIP quality in the current marketplace including High Definition voice
  • In-house Development - Essential software elements such as call control protocols and DSP software are all internally developed in AudioCodes. This enables a quick turnaround for problem resolutions and the quick introduction of new features
  • Diversity of Media Control Protocols - AudioCodes’ Mediant family of media gateways provides the flexibility of choice for different control protocols. It supports SIP, MGCP, TGCP and Megaco/H.248 IMS compatible protocols

Intelleca’s Technical expertise and the seamless ease of installing the interoperable and reliable AudioCodes’ Mediant 8000 enabled the installation in four remote sites in South Africa, within a very short integration time (less than half a year).
“We are proud to partner with AudioCodes and facilitate the deployment of their Mediant Media Gateways into a Tier 1 Operator,” stated Shaun Cochrane, Director at Intelleca. “AudioCodes’ unique product quality and reliability coupled with a quick and easy integration process, has confirmed our choice of partner.”

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