Large Multinational Bank

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Large Multinational Bank

AudioCodes provides VoIP connectivity and its Session Experience Manager VoIP quality monitoring solution for a large bank’s Genesys call center deployment


The customer is one of the largest banks in its region. It runs a large customer service call center in multiple locations with around 1,500 agents handling some 18,000 outgoing calls per month.


The existing contact center was based on an aging platform which suffered from poor call quality. The bank decided that it needed to find a future-proof replacement that would offer reliable performance and call quality in addition to benefitting from state-of-the-art IP technology.

The bank selected the Genesys SIP Server platform as the core of the new call center infrastructure. In addition to the Genesys platform, a solution was needed to provide connectivity with existing legacy TDM based systems and the PSTN. A reliable and scalable VoIP media gateway solution was required that could interconnect seamlessly with the local PSTN and ensure high voice quality was maintained.

Another critical requirement was the ability to monitor in real time the quality of the bank’s VoIP network and the calls being made. This would enable the bank to identify potential problems and proactively take measures to prevent them developing into serious faults. With many of its call center agents located at small, geographically remote locations, the current call center platform did not offer such functionality and, as a result, the bank was suffering from poor voice quality.

Solution - VoIP Connectivity

Mediant 3000On the recommendation of the local system integrator, the bank selected AudioCodes to provide the VoIP connectivity solutions for its Genesys contact center.

Mediant 3000 media gateways were selected to provide interconnectivity between the Genesys platform and the PSTN. Supporting up to 63 E1s per shelf, the Mediant 3000 represents a scalable, carrier-grade solution with a small footprint and full interoperability with Genesys. To provide an additional level of redundancy, two Mediant 3000 platforms were deployed at each of the bank’s two data centers in an active-active configuration. The Mediant 3000 also supports Enterprise Session Border Control (E-SBC) functionality which can be added in the future to enable the bank to connect securely to SIP trunking networks.

The bank also selected AudioCodes 320HD IP phones as the desktop devices for its call center agents. AudioCodes IP phones offer HD voice quality – essential in a call center environment where every effort must be made to ensure customer satisfaction – and many other high-end features at a very affordable cost per unit. Like the Mediant media gateways, they have also been certified by Genesys for interoperability with the SIP Server solution. Furthermore, AudioCodes IP phones’ auto-provisioning feature enables rapid deployment and configuration changes to be carried out without the need for technicians to be present on-site, thus reducing operating expenses.

Solution - VoIP Quality Monitoring and Reporting

One element of the solution that was unique to AudioCodes’ offering was the ability to monitor and manage VoIP session quality. This would enable the bank’s IT team to anticipate potential network problems and take the necessary steps to ensure that callers to the call center would continue to enjoy a high quality voice experience in all circumstances. To achieve this, AudioCodes offered the Session Experience Manager (SEM), an intelligent analysis tool used to monitor the quality of Voice over IP calls within the enterprise network and its connecting trunks to service providers.

Network Map

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With AudioCodes’ SEM solution, the bank’s IT managers are able to get a detailed view of the quality of their voice traffic, allowing them to quickly identify, fix and prevent issues that could affect callers’ quality of experience. SEM collects a variety of call data and statistics which it presents in an intuitive graphic dashboard format. When user-defined thresholds are exceeded, SEM triggers alarms to notify system operators in real time. SEM also generates a wide range of statistics and reports enabling call trends to be identified.

Calls Statistics

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AudioCodes’ solution complements the bank’s Genesys call center infrastructure by offering essential benefits such as:

  • Reliable, high quality VoIP interconnection with legacy telephony systems and networks
  • High definition call quality IP phones supporting the full range of enterprise calling features
  • Advanced VoIP network and call analysis enabling rapid diagnosis and resolution of quality issues

These benefits combined with the Genesys SIP Server platform will lead to a significantly improved experience for callers to the bank’s contact center, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction.