StarHub Class 5 Network Case Study

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StarHub Class 5 Network

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StarHub is Singapore's most fully-integrated info-communication company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates Singapore's fastest two-way HSPA+ mobile network that delivers up to 21Mbps for downlink to complement its nation-wide GSM network, and an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel, cable TV services (including High Definition Television and on-demand services), as well as ultra-high speed, residential, broadband services. StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services.


StarHub's Next Generation Voice Network (NGVN) is offering voice services to both residential and business users. Since its introduction in 2005 StarHub network was built around two different core solutions: one serving its business subscribers and the other, provided by AudioCodes, serving the residential subscribers. Having two different solutions inside the same network presented some real challenges:

  • New services had to be integrated and tested in multiple environments, before going live
  • Network design was not flexible enough to allow quick, efficient and cost-effective adaptation to traffic growth
  • Total OPEX was high, and was expected to grow as the network expands


In 2009 StarHub decided to develop its NGVN network and use a single vendor to provide VoIP infrastructure for both the residential and business users. This project was awarded to AudioCodes because of its field-proven, stable and reliable products, excellent post-sales support, and the ability to react fast. This was coupled with AudioCodes' ability to comply with StarHub's new feature requirements, as the networks evolved.

The new StarHub network components include various Media Gateways from AudioCodes and Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches from Xener. The complex and timely integration of the different elements was critical to the success of this project. AudioCodes was a key player in this effort.

AudioCodes' Mediant 8000 high-capacity, carrier-grade gateways were selected for connecting the NGNV network to the core TDM network for providing off-net calls. Mediant 8000, a NEBS compliant, highly available Media Gateway, is designed with no single point of failure, in order to provide maximum availability for carrier telephony networks.

For the access part, AudioCodes' MediaPack 124 and MediaPack 202 analog VoIP media gateways were used. Both types of access gateway offer the high voice quality and reliability that StarHub expected.

StarHub Diagram
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The migration of residential subscribes to the new system was completed rapidly in 6 months, including the development of new features, required for this specific solution. The whole transition took place without any service impact to existing users. This allowed StarHub to continue with their recruitment of new subscribers, according to its expansion plan.

The migration to a single solution provider helps StarHub in reducing its OPEX and streamlining its support and operation processes.