Teche Federal Bank Case Study

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Teche Federal Bank

Teche Federal Bank is a 73 year old organization and is the fourth largest publicly traded bank headquartered in Louisiana, with over $700 million in assets (as of July 31, 2007). Originating in Franklin, Louisiana, Teche Federal Bank has an expanded community with 20 branches located in the parishes of St. Mary, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Martin, Terrebonne, Lafourche, East Baton Rouge, St. Landry, and Ascension. Teche Federal Bank currently serves over 50,000 customers.

Teche Federal Bank offers products to their customers which allows them access to capital in order to grow their capital or purchase a home, mobile home, car or other consumer goods. The Bank also supplies deposit services which allow enterprises and individuals a method for saving in the future.


Many banks continue to make extensive use of Fax messaging as it enables their  ffectiveness and efficiency. Teche Federal Bank relies daily on the Fax messaging service to  end and receive important documents such as contracts, loan documents, rate sheets and others. Currently, there are approximately over 7500 faxes, both in and outbound being received or delivered per month, by Teche Federal Bank. “With a widely dispersed workforce, spread across 20 different branches and a central operations facility, bringing fax messaging to the desktop was an obvious efficiency improvement for the bank,” stated Cliff Doiron, Systems Administrator for Teche Federal Bank. For desktop fax to truly improve efficiency in the organization, it had to be easy to use, cost effective and reliable. Reliable desktop fax for Teche Federal Bank goes beyond everyday operational stability, as the bank also needed to include fax messaging in the bank’s Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and back-up site staging.


In order to eliminate experiencing any further issues with hardware and to prevent daily system rebooting, the Mediant™ 1000 Media Gateway combined with FaxBack NetSatisFAXtion fax software was identified as an obvious solution. Subsequently, Teche Federal Bank purchased and installed a combination of hardware and software which included the AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Media Gateway and FaxBack NetSatisFAXtion fax software for their fax messaging solution.
In this solution, the FaxBack NetSatisFAXtion software is loaded onto a standard Intel server and uses an AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Media Gateway to provide connectivity to the PSTN.
Communication between the NetSatisFAXtion software and the Mediant Media Gateway is accomplished via SIP and T.38 fax protocols over Ethernet. The interface between the Mediant 1000 Media Gateway and the PSTN is a standard T1 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuit with 12 DS0 circuits provisioned. This configuration allows up to 12 simultaneous fax transmissions or receptions and allows for 150 individual DID number assignments, enough for each user of the system. Teche Federal Bank designed a solution that separates the software and the media gateway into two physical devices, allowing the fax server software to operate in a blade-architecture server using VMware virtualization software. “By moving to the stand-alone Mediant 1000 and virtualized blade servers, we now have a solution that completely fits within our disaster recovery strategy,” noted Cliff Doiron. “We wouldn’t be able to accomplish this with a dedicated TDM fax board.”


The combination of NetSatisFAXtion software and the Mediant 1000 Media Gateway has  completely resolved the stability issues that the previous solution suffered. “Since the system went live in March of 2008, it has been 100% operational with no outages,”  commented Cliff Doiron. Beyond improved stability, Teche Federal Bank was able to integrate their fax messaging system into their blade-server architecture and as a result, reduced operational costs and has a vastly improved their disaster recovery plan.