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AudioCodes E-SBC Enables SIP Trunking Connectivity for a Lync-based UCaaS Offering


Based in Helsinki, Finland, Tieto (www.tieto.com) is the leading IT service company in Northern Europe providing IT and product engineering services. With around 18,000 experts, the company aims to become a leading service integrator creating the best service experience in IT.

Tieto’s operations cover four business lines: Industry solutions, Enterprise solutions, Managed services and Product engineering solutions. The company’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki and Stockholm.

One of Tieto’s focuses over recent years has been the implementation of Microsoft Unified Communications solutions, OCS at first and more recently Lync. Since the introduction of OCS 2007, Tieto has become the leading system integrator for Microsoft UC systems in the Nordics. Today, the company has two alternative offerings for customers looking to implement UC:

  • Managed UC service - with customer-specific tailored services and dedicated network layer connectivity, typically targeting larger enterprise customers
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) - a fully hosted, standardized service, primarily aimed at small to medium businesses

Tieto was assisted in this project by local partner K&K Active Oy (www.kandk.fi), a value -adding distributor of data transfer and telecommunications products, and part of the Swedish Lagercrantz Group. K&K Active Oy, together with its business partners and affiliates, aims to provide its customers solutions that enhance their competitive advantage.


With both services growing rapidly, Tieto needed a cost-efficient way of providing dial-in conferencing and voice capabilities to its customers’ Lync deployments. In line with the “as-a service” concept being adopted by many service providers in different fields, the ability to add capacity and support new customers rapidly was critical.

The solution had to support seamless, secure and fully interoperable interconnections with multiple telecom operators via SIP trunks. In addition, the whole solution had to be centrally managed with real-time monitoring, alarm generation and reporting.


Tieto selected AudioCodes to provide the required VoIP connectivity for its UC services. Several factors led Tieto to this decision:

  • AudioCodes’ superior underlying VoIP technology and field experience
  • AudioCodes’ strong partnership with Microsoft and Microsoft-certified solutions
  • High level of technical know-how and support from AudioCodes’ local distributor, K&K Active Oy.

Tieto was already using AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Enhanced Gateways for its larger managed UC customers who required on-site connectivity with the PSTN or SIP trunks. In order to provide centralized connectivity for customers of both the managed UC and the UCaaS services, Tieto selected AudioCodes Mediant 3000 E-SBC. The company deployed two Mediant 3000 devices, one at each of its two main data centers in Finland.

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The Mediant 3000 E-SBC provides security, session mediation and service level assurance services, connecting Tieto’s UC customers to the PSTN via various SIP Trunking providers, while maintaining interoperability and manageability. An important feature of the Mediant 3000 is the ability to perform SIP normalization between disparate implementations of the SIP protocol resulting in seamless end-to-end connectivity. This enables Tieto to add new customers and SIP trunking providers rapidly and with no interruption to the service. The deployment of two Mediant 3000 devices provides a high level of redundancy and system performance.

The Mediant 3000 is a highly scalable platform. Additional call capacity can be added simply via a software key, with up to 1,000 simultaneous calls supported per unit.

Commenting on Tieto’s choice of the Mediant 3000 E-SBC for its Lync connectivity needs, Mikko Silonsaari, Senior Service Architect at Tieto, said, "udioCodes’ E-SBC products offer exactly what we were looking for in terms of features and manageability. With AudioCodes’ extensive experience in achieving interoperability with Microsoft and other vendors, the Mediant 3000 was the perfect choice for us to offer reliable and secure SIP trunking services to our UC customers."


The rollout of Tieto’s Mediant 3000 devices was successfully completed in a couple of weeks in mid-2011. The full benefits of the new solution could be felt immediately, with Tieto’s existing and new UC customers able to enjoy rapid and seamless interconnection to SIP trunks for their Lync enterprise voice and dial-in conferencing solutions.

Among the benefits delivered by the Mediant 3000 E-SBC are:

  • Accelerated service revenues through rapid rollout of new customers and service providers
  • Reduced capital expenditure via "Pay-as-you-grow" scalable architecture
  • Reduced operating expenses through centralized management and control
  • Lower communications costs with secured and reliable SIP Trunk connectivity

For Tieto, this solution is particularly important to drive the success of its innovative UCaaS offering. “Many small and medium businesses understand the potential benefits of Lync but are reluctant to invest heavily in what they perceive as yet unproven technology,” explained Ilkka Salomaa, Lead Architect at Tieto. “With UCaaS, we provide a simple way for companies to enjoy all Lync has to offer, without the investment risk involved in an on-premises solution. AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 E-SBC platform is a critical component of the service as it allows us to offer end customers a complete, reliable and scalable cloud-based enterprise voice solution at low cost. The flexible nature of the Mediant 3000 means that new customers and service providers can be added to the service rapidly and seamlessly.”