TMAIS and Stratus Case Study

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TMAIS and Stratus

Based in São Paulo - Brazil, TMais is one of the main voice carriers in Brazil. Authorized by ANATEL (Brazilian regulatory agency), TMais was established in 1999 and has many offices across the country, employing 120 people and providing services to over 15,000 customers, covering 120 cities around nine important Brazilian regions. In order to help their
customers to improve and grow their business, TMais are focused on providing complete communication solutions, mixing TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), VoIP and ClickToTalk Technologies.

During the initial network design effort for their VoIP network, TMais engineers required a best-of-breed solution that integrated all the network services, management and connectivity needed to service their customers. As part of this effort, the TMais engineers faced a significant technical challenge in connecting their new VoIP network to the other PSTN operators in Brazil. After investigating a number of options, it was evident that the correct way to interface their network required a SIP Server and media gateway combination that could accommodate the unique Brazilian SS7 signaling standards. In addition to SS7 interoperability, the solution would also need to support both the SS7 A-Links and bearer (voice)
traffic on the same E1 circuits, which would simplify the installation process and reduce equipment costs. Beyond the unique SS7 features, the solution would need to deliver high voice quality, be very reliable and allow for expansion into new regions in the future.

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After considerable reviews of various solutions in the industry, a selection was made that combined the Stratus ENTICE system with AudioCodes Mediant™ 2000 media gateways as shown in the network diagram above.

Stratus ENTICE
The Stratus ENTICE solution encapsulates all of the complexities associated with converged multi-protocol network signaling and media processing in a set of modular solution components. These solution components include: session border controllers, tandem/international gateways, voice over broadband, fixed mobile convergence, and triple/quad play. ENTICE incorporates built-in APIs to allow for customization and application integration. In addition to the standard capabilities of ENTICE, the TMais deployment included a number of customizations to accommodate the Brazilian SS7 network.

Mediant 2000
The initial deployment also included nine Mediant 2000 Digital Media Gateways - one installed in each of the regional states in Brazil and connecting the TMais VoIP network to the Brazilian PSTN. Each of the deployed gateways includes 8 E1 interfaces, allowing for the anticipated initial customer traffic and room for anticipated growth. The Mediant 2000 supports G.711 (PCM), G.723.1, G.729A vocoders as well as SIP and SIGTRAN protocols used in this application. Designed for limited-space installations, the Mediant 2000 is intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis designed for enterprises or for smaller locations in the carrier network market. This gateway optionally supports a DC power supply (complies with NEBS Level 3) or dual AC power supply.

Following the completion of the network design and the purchase of the relevant equipment and software, installation and activation of the system required approximately two months. This enabled TMais to go live in February 2005 with their initial customer base, and to which they have continued to expand. The TMais network currently operates with over 15,000 active customers in nine regions of Brazil. “The network has been highly reliable and regularly receives rave reviews from customers,” stated Luciano Matsumoto, Director of  Technology for TMais. “Both Stratus and AudioCodes were able to solve our unique SS7 interface challenges, allowing us to achieve the results we are currently experiencing and enabling us for future growth.”
Further expansion of the network is planned for later in 2008, adding four additional points-of-presence to service additional states within Brazil.

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