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High-Density Media Gateway Enables Cost-Effective Connectivity to IntelePeer SIP Trunks


VXI Global Solutions is a leading provider of business process and information technology outsourcing which offers comprehensive outsourcing services to its clients. VXI specializes in contact center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance testing, and infrastructure outsourcing. Founded in 1998, VXI operates from 14 locations worldwide including their headquarters in Los Angeles, California and operations centers in China and the Philippines. VXI currently employs approximately 10,000 people around the world. Recipients of many prestigious awards, VXI most recently was recognized with the Inc. 500-5000 Top 10 Job Creators award.


With the incredible growth of their outsourced contact center business during 2009, VXI recognized an opportunity to expand their operations into new facilities in Las Vegas, Texas and Ohio. These new facilities would provide access to a skilled and cost-effective pool of agents that could serve a number of new clients. With the continued growth in their business, VXI expected to employ another 1,000 agents within the next 18 months, and then open a second facility in Ohio. One specific new client utilized a blended campaign (both inbound and outbound calling) and had significant seasonable variability in anticipated call volume, challenging both workforce management and the telecommunications infrastructure.

In preparation for opening the new locations and supporting the new clients, a number of legacy TDM telecommunications service providers were explored, but their approach suffered from a number of issues:

1. Expensive dedicated TIE lines were required to interconnect the new facilities to the Los Angeles based datacenter
2. Significant over-provisioning to support the expected seasonal peak volume
3. A lack of market-competitive rates for both inbound and outbound calling charges
4. A significant multi-year contractual commitment

The combination of these issues drove costs up dramatically - enough so to leave VXI unable to effectively compete in a fast-paced market.

In addition to the cost issues, VXI also needed to support their existing TDM-based predictive dialer that supports their Los Angeles location and a new Avaya predictive dialer for their Las Vegas location. Predictive dialers are a key part of their contact center, using their client’s customer database to automatically call end-customers and quickly connect them to an available agent. The predictive dialers work with the VXI agents to proactively notify consumers of billing issues and upgrade offers. This activity drives a significant number of upgrades and additional revenue for the client, not to mention customer satisfaction and retention.


To address these challenges, VXI selected SIP Trunking services from IntelePeer that offered high quality communications at extremely competitive calling rates delivered through the Cloud. VXI was able to further reduce their communications expenses as IntelePeer proactively analyzed their usage and made recommendations on how they could decrease their expenses while maintaining call quality. IntelePeer is able to accomplish this using their on-demand CloudWorx™ platform which includes the SuperRegistry directory providing call routing intelligence for least cost as well as their Media Peering Grid service that interconnects with over 40 peering partners to ensure the highest quality and call completion. With IntelePeer’s CoreCloud™ SIP Trunking, VXI was able to:

  • Dynamically scale capacity up or down to meet seasonal adjustments in call volumes
  • Rapidly get new facilities connected to IntelePeer SIP Trunking over the cloud without the delays and expense involved in ordering new lines from the major service providers
  • Handle the significant capacity, call completion and quality demands of a dynamic contact center
  • Reduce their telecommunications expense and drive greater value to compete effectively yet have the flexibility for future growth

Integrating the IntelePeer CoreCloud SIP Trunking to the Avaya predictive dialer with its TDM PRI signaling and DS3 physical interface required a highly-reliable, scalable media gateway with one or more DS3 interfaces. Based on past positive experience, IntelePeer selected the AudioCodes Mediant 3000 Media Gateway as part of their solution for this application. The Mediant 3000 Media Gateway is scalable, offering up to three DS3 interfaces for a total of 2016 ports in a compact and space-saving 2U 19” chassis. With optional High-Availability, the Mediant 3000 supports complete redundant DSP blades with mid-call switch-over in the case of a failure. A unique added benefit of selecting the AudioCodes Mediant 3000 is the capability to add Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) capabilities via a software upgrade, providing VXI with a platform that can accommodate future SIP-based predictive dialer or call center solutions from a variety of other manufacturers.


The IntelePeer/AudioCodes solution at VXI is currently in production and continues to perform above expectations, handling thousands of calls a day for a range of VXI’s clients.

By choosing IntelePeer and AudioCodes, VXI Global Solutions was able to:

  • Deliver highly reliable communications for their clients
  • Expand to new facilities and locations and not be limited by the cost or availability of telecommunication services
  • Achieve their goal of geographic diversity
  • Control the costs of their inbound and outbound calling traffic
  • Leverage the existing Avaya predictive dialer and avoid costly upgrades
  • Efficiently utilize their existing data center facilities
  • Deliver high quality services to their clients