Beijing Homesun

Beijing Homesun

The company mainly sales AudioCodes gateway, deals in VOIP technology research, development, integration and technological consultation. It can provide productions for Operation Business, Virtual Network Operator, Call center systems integrators and Application software developer. The productions include Analog gateways, trunking  gateways, Softswitch, IP-PBX, etc. The company endeavors to VOIP products sale, Advisory services and offering a full range of solutions.

The company is the exclusive agent for products of CPE & Access Media Gateways in the mainland. More detailed VOIP solutions and success cases also can be found in the related link. The company has complete network communication products which are excellent cost-effective. With thoughtful and perfect service, the company will always provide you with a full range of technical support and sincerely make VOIP solutions for your tailor-made. The company will be your preferred partner on the Computer voice system integration, technology development and application.


In order to satisfy the customers, the company will try its best to meet any requirements on products, price, or solutions in the field of VOIP.


Customer-oriented: Based on the Chinese market and policy environment, to figure out the customer’s practical problems and develop the perfect solution schemes.
Results-oriented: Always to be concerning about the operability of consultation and scheme, providing various forms of support for implementation of the solution scheme.
Value-oriented: To train excellent client management and technical talents and achieve the maximization of service value.


To promote the development of Chinese telecommunications cause and institute the tactic for the global communications of sustainable development!