Damovo Polska

Damovo Polska

AudioCodes One Voice for Skype for Business Partner
Damovo Polska is an AudioCodes VAR/SI
Partnership Level - Platinum

Damovo is an established systems integrator with 35 years' business communications experience. Damovo’s offerings extend to the deployment of solutions and services across the complete ICT spectrum from network connectivity, infrastructure, desktop and fixed and mobile devices deploying multimedia applications - whatever your communication requirements.

Damovo goes to great lengths to ensure the ICT solutions they provide are appropriate to your needs and resources whilst fully supporting your business objectives and aspirations.


Damovo will be recognised as a market leader for unified communication solutions and services for Enterprise customers'


  • To meet Damovo’s customer needs by providing superior value based on their depth of experience and their innovative approach
  • To facilitate business process efficiency improvements for Damovo’s customers through the provision, management and support of unified communication solutions

To ensure business continuity for Damovo’s customers and through their highly competent service organisation consistently meet customer expectations and Service Level Agreement commitments