eSOON China

eSOON China

Since eSOON's incorporation in 1990, they have been focusing exclusively on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) domain, with emphasis on the contact center area where strong technical capabilities and practical business know-how is required to handle customers' frequent and dynamic requirement changes.

To ensure eSOON’s mission statement to ,"create an easy IT paradigm for businesses", and achieve this with 100% project success, eSOON recruits experts with different skills and domain knowledge to create comprehensive solutions suitable for various industries.

To date, eSoon has more than 350 enterprise customers who are mostly leaders in their own respective industry. Each of them has the vision to obtain or maintain their leadership via excellent customer service. eSoon is proud to be a part of the success of its customers.

eSOON (China) Corporation is focused on providing software development and solutions as well as international large-scale software outsourcing.

eSOON (China) is committed to providing professional and standardized services to its customers by enforcing tighter quality control and focusing on continuous improvement within the organization to ensure eSOON's steady growth rate.

eSOON continues to focus on contact centers and the CRM areas, and help its customers to create an easier and friendlier experience for their end customers.