Hoi Tu Corporation

Hoi Tu Corporation

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HoiTuCorp is an AudioCodes Distributor
Partnership Level - Gold

The HoiTuCorp founders have more than 15 years of experience in Telecom, Information Technology and Television. With 5 managers, 1 advisor, and about 12 people of sale and technical executives who have solid and basic knowledge of IT and Telecom. HoiTuCorp believes that they can design, install and configure networks with the best quality and at a reasonable cost.

HoiTuCorp’s diverse solution portfolio scales to build systems that meet today and tomorrow’s demand for effective, stable connectivity, with a variety of products that optimize for any distance, speed, security or legacy integration priority.

HoiTuCorp’s corporate culture has been to build long-term relationships with customers, believing firmly that service and support are most important to its customers.

To support HoiTuCorp’s customers, they offer the following 6 key commitments:

  • Free demo and solution design - they do solution presentations and demos with their products before they decide to buy.
  • Competitive cost - with support from their vendors, they can offer their products a reasonable cost.
  • Guaranteed quality - all products are from famous vendors with international standards.
  • Good commercial conditions - very flexible contract
  • Special warranty - they provide a special warranty at an extra
  • Excellent customer service

HoiTuCorp continues to invest in acquisitions, partnerships and organic developments, building an organization to meet evolving technology demands of its nationwide customers. Expansions of HoiTuCorp’s engineering resources strengthen the company’s commitment to the development of innovative networking platforms, which is reflected in the delivery of new generations of high-value, reasonable infrastructure cost.
The highest network availability, the most reliable performance and the most comprehensive technical support are all part of HoiTuCorp’s total network solution.

Business Objectives

  • Assist clients in using information and apply technology to achieve their business goals.
  • Plan and use information; design, integrate, and manage internetworking systems.
  • Increased ability to support additional services and functionality.
  • Become one of the largest networking product distributors and service providers in Vietnam.