IANT is a service provider for Unified Communications and voice over IP in Next Generation Networks.

IANT transparently works based on open standard software and offers customized solutions.

How the company works

IANT’s roots are based in science and even today it remains close to scientific research and therefore to pioneering innovations and technologies. The company’s own in-house developments are not only focused on standard linear processes, but also break new ground to reach its customers. Together with our partners eZuce and Grouplink it creates customized solutions for its customers.

IANT’s motivation - free communication

IANT develops special communication systems for corporate customers. Therefore, its service does not only include ready-to-use communication solutions, but also offers custom software development. IANT’s no vendor lock-in strategy gives its clients the required flexibility and multivendor capability. Its UC solutions are flexible and offer maximum scalability.

Special services - customized results

For specific customer needs IANT offers the development of solutions according to individual requirements. Its personalized services combined with the extensive experience of its professional staff allows the company to offer customized solutions matching individual demands.