NType was founded as a high-tech system integrator that focuses on projects with large telecom service providers, banking and industry.

Our vendors include Juniper Networks, Orckit Coregent, Procera Networks and Axiros. This list is incomplete and is constantly expanding through the selection and emergence of new high-technology products and solutions

Product portfolio: Careful selection of vendors allowed NType to form a complex package of solutions for switching and transmission of data, network infrastructure and security systems that are optimized for the realities of the Russian market.

Following its chosen strategy of advanced solutions from industry leaders, NType flexibly expands its product portfolio after analyzing trends in global markets and determining the development of future demand in Russia.

Products represented by NType in the Russian market have all necessary certifications and have been adapted for use in the Russian conditions.

Partnership with NType: In order to ensure the full life cycle of our projects, we provide quality pre-project research of customer needs and organize the supply of equipment and integration into existing infrastructure, as well as supporting the deployed solution for the customer.

Cooperation with NType provides significant competitive advantages:

  • diversification of rendering services under exclusive solutions, which NType supplies to the Russian market;
  • strengthening relationships with existing customers and attracting new ones due to well -developed, technologically and economically efficient solutions

Technical expertise and support: NType’s high-skilled specialists are trained at vendors’ premises with all necessary certificates They undertake comprehensive examination and analysis of the needs and specific conditions of the Customer’s business during development.

NType engineers provide comprehensive technical support, ensuring prompt elimination of any faults and defects and that all systems are working according to established parameters.