Ocular Technologies

Ocular Technologies

Ocular Technologies was established in 2003 as specialist Contact Centre solutions- and services provider in South Africa. Ocular’s professional consulting and implementation teams were assembled in order to support clients’ service delivery programmes. Since then, the company has made its mark at the forefront of the industry as a preferred partner for large-scale corporates, SMMEs and government affiliates alike.

From 2011, Ocular’s core focus has shifted from not just providing solid and valuable information regarding current contact centre and helpdesk environments, as well as providing a roadmap for the future tasks that need to be attended to in order to complete a successful implementation, to doing whatever it takes to become a leader in the Enterprise Communications space, both locally and abroad.

With a reputation of being innovators in the Contact Centre industry, Ocular’s portfolio has now expanded to include emerging technologies that centre around enhancing the Customer Experience. These include:

  • Integration of existing Call- and Contact Centres into the rest of the enterprise, applying presence and the ability to search and engage with Back-office staff and subject specialists.
  • Social Media Integration, allowing companies to monitor chatter amongst social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and draw those comments, complaints and compliments directly into the Contact Centre and the enterprise using purpose-built technologies and methodologies.
  • Customer Self-service applications, using not only DTMF-based telephony self-service, but integrating Live Chat, IM-based IVR (using Skype, Microsoft Communicator, Yahoo IM), and Multi-lingual Speech Recognition solutions.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) that brings together all the above technologies into a single, centrally administered platform, this reducing costs, easing administration effort and staving off fallout from disgruntled customers and internal staff.

In short, Ocular has redefined its solutions offering, and it is all central to our core focus from 2011 and beyond …

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