Ordina Belgium N.V.

Ordina Belgium N.V.

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Ordina is an AudioCodes VAR/SI
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ICT expertise plus business knowledge  

As a knowledge provider, Ordina initiates improvement and innovation for customers, in the area of overlapping between business and ICT. Ordina combines ICT expertise with knowledge of business processes and the local market. This way, Ordina helps customers achieve their strategic objectives, whilst also providing short and long-term added value.

Ordina in Belgium and Luxembourg

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Ordina focuses on the financial sector, the government, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, the telecommunications sector, media companies, industry and trade. Ordina is able to lead and carry out consultancy and ICT projects, with knowledge of the customer’s business, local legislation and regulations, language and culture. In addition, Ordina also has extensive experience in developing and implementing repeatable standard solutions together with partners.

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The Ordina group has approximately 3,100 employees. The group’s head office is in Nieuwegein (Netherlands). The Belgian head office is situated in Mechelen. In addition, the group has offices in Hasselt, Mont-Saint-Guibert and Capellen (Luxembourg). Ordina is also involved in international nearshore and offshore collaborations.

Publicly traded company

Founded in 1973, Ordina has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1987 and is part of the Mid Cap index. In 2010, Ordina achieved a turnover of 437 million euro.