Paragon is a single-source provider of next-generation, coverged IP/IT technology that connects and protects facilities, people and data for organizations in the public and private sectors. Paragon's IP platforms leverage their customers' existing technology, increase their operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. Automatic upgrades and ongoing 24/7 support keep systems at peak performance. Guaranteed.

With integrated IP and IT expertise, Paragon designs and deploys converged IP/IT solutions. their IP services include:

  • IP Security
  • IP Data Services
  • IP Communications
  • Managed Services
  • Hosted Solutions

These services increase customer productivity, cost savings, satisfaction and peace of mind. Paragon's headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Paragon of IP/IT Excellence

After successfully founding, growing and selling Transcend Communications, Maria and Todd Vojta dedicated themselves to helping organizations take advantage of the enhanced efficiencies and functionalities, and reduced cost of IP-based systems. Combining top IT know-how and service with next-generation IP technology, Paragon was born.

Paragon delivers a unique combination of IP/IT expertise on an outsourced basis – making next-generation IP services available and affordable for organizations of all sizes in both public and private sectors. Headquarted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company serves customers with single locations, as well as those with multiple sites that wish to replicate next-generation IP technology nationwide.

Paragon's integrated IP/IT approach is validated by a growing customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies; healthcare providers; and Federal, state and municipal educational, governmental and law enforcement organizations – all of whom give Paragon uniformly high marks in customer satisfaction.