Qumak-Sekom SA

Qumak-Sekom SA is one of the leading IT integrators on the Polish market. It was founded by the merger of two prominent integration companies, both with a long tradition on the Polish market: Qumak International and Sekom SA. Since August 2006, the company has been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
In its present shape, the company wields the potential which allows the delivery of complex and sophisticated IT solutions and the execution of complex, advanced implementation projects.
Qumak-Sekom possesses all resources required to manage complex orders, encompassing several IT spheres and related technologies, and the special position of the company results from the high quality of its services and products – which is confirmed by the opinions of the numerous Customers. 

As a specialized IT system integrator, Qumak-Sekom S.A., on the basis of its knowledge and experience, is an outstanding provider of solutions with regard to three business lines which complement each other:

System integration

  • IT security expert
  • Mmultimedia and network solutions
  • Computer hardware

Business application integration

  • CRM and Contact Center systems expert
  • EAM, ITSM, BI systems
  • specialized ERP systems

Intelligent building technologies

  • Expert in designing and carrying out data centers
  • Advanced inspection and monitoring systems
  • Building management systems


Qumak-Sekom SA concentrates on the application of data communication technologies in the areas which are the most important for customers – that is with regard to security and management in a broad sense. Qumak-Sekom SA pays particular attention to the front office, i.e. to knowledge on customers – the most precious company’s capital. Qumak-Sekom's unique experience in the Polish market and its partnership with the world leaders in all essential fields allow Qumak-Sekom SA to provide the highest quality services and guarantee customers functionally and economically optimal solutions.
Qumak-Sekom SA offesr a full range of services in all areas of activities:

  • ­    analysis / conceptual design,
  • ­    detailed design,
  • ­    delivery, start-up, implementation,
  • ­    repair, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

The recipients of integrated IT services provided by Qumak-Sekom represent virtually all fields of economy and public life. The most important sectors to which Qumak-Sekom SA provides services are as follows:
­    telecommunications,
­    banking and finance,
­    central government administration and local government administration,
­    the armed forces and the uniformed services,
­    industry,
­    trade and services,
­    educational system and academic research,
­    health service.
Qumak-Sekom possesses all resources – technological, intellectual, equipment – necessary to manage complex orders, encompassing several IT spheres and related technologies.  
A team of experienced project managers and technical consultants, the skills in project organization, experience in cooperation with a large number of subcontractors and partners, as well as the capability of servicing solutions all over Poland – are the main features of the company.  
The special position of the company results from the high quality of its services and products – which is confirmed not only by high partnership statuses, given by prominent IT producers, but first and foremost by the opinions of our numerous Customers. 
Qumak-Sekom bases its offer only on the products of well-known companies, which it had entered into agreements with and acquired their certificates.
The executed projects confirm our competence in the area of business application implementation and the integration of these with back office and front office type applications.