Since 1991 Sistaş has been offering sales and post-sales support services in the field of enterprise communication systems.

Sistas, aims to incorporate all the solutions needed and offer them to its customers as a first hand and integrated body that encompasses an extensive range of services including direct importation, installation, adaptation, software development, maintenance.

Sistas delivers service with 120 mainly certified engineers and mechanists in 5 offices across Turkey: Ankara (Chief Office, Technical Support), Istanbul (Sales, Technical Support), İzmir (Sales, Technical Support), Antalya (Sales, Technical Support) and Bursa (Sales, Technical Support).

Our Vision is to provide our customers with the latest and the most effective technologies in the fastest way possible.

Our mission is to organize and integrate the provided systems into our customers' purpose to offer them optimized service. To train and make available our staff who are always able to keep up with the change. To transform every project we handle into a success story by accomplishing them in compliance with our customers' needs in the most time efficient way.