SOURCE is an AudioCodes VAR/SI
Partnership Level - Gold

source: n. a thing or place from which something comes; a spring of water from the earth; a maker; one that supplies information and causes or creates.

For nearly four decades, SOURCE, Inc. has served as a highly successful point of origin for companies seeking a fresh stream of business communication solutions for voice and data. From design and implementation to maintenance and support, their certified sales and engineering teams are ready to design a plan with your needs as their priority. SOURCE keeps your business flowing, with comprehensive knowledge and experience to deliver results swiftly and successfully.

SOURCE has earned the respect and partnership of the industry's top technology providers, including Avaya, Cisco, Juniper Networks and Microsoft. You will find that their experience with an array of managed and professional services and solutions will work with your voice and data communication goals. Source was the FIRST in their industry to "go green" and remain so today due to their unique repair and refurbishment and patented asset management services.

From start to finish, SOURCE meets your specific needs, keeping your business communications fluid and effective. Let the be the spring of your success. You are their business. They are your SOURCE.