Technology Bureau S.A.

Technology Bureau S.A.

Technology Bureau is an AudioCodes VAR/SI
Partnership Level - Gold

Technology Bureau, is a certified by ISO 9001-2000 established  all over Argentina and other countries over the region and offers integral technology solutions in the telecommunications area. Its experience is recognized not only by the Carriers and Operators segment, where it provides the latest generation technologies, but also by the Corporative segment to whom Technology Bureau provides technology and integrate connectivity solutions.

Its to lead the introduction of new telecommunications technologies, products and services in order to support the organizational efficiency and growth of so diverse customers as fixed and mobile telephony operators, data transmission operators, ISPs; carriers; cooperative operators, utilities operators, industries, finance and government entities.

The Technology Bureau value added is defined by the introduction of solutions to our customers, that include engineering services as well as provisioning, installations and maintenance, in technologies such as access, transmission, switching, networking, security and network management products.

Contact Technology Bureau’ branch offices

Los Leones 220, of 403, Providencia. Chile
Phone: +56 2 2957 8500
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