Zetacom is an AudioCodes VAR/SI
Partnership Level - Registered

Zetacom is specialized in telecom solutions for business to business companies, healthcare and government.

To accomplish this, close alliances are formed with suppliers like AudioCodes, Siemens, Mitel Networks, Avaya, NEC Philips en Hewlett Packard. Zetacom works completely independent, as a strategic partner they have full access to all products, knowledge and support from all  suppliers.
Because Zetacom is a system integrator, the customer has one point of entry. Although the core of the telecommunication solution consists of the telephony hardware, applications like wireless telephony (DECT and Voice over WLAN), contact center solutions, integration of voice and data and the Zetacom Care concept complete the solution.
As important as a high quality standard of products is a high level of service and support. Zetacom can offer a wide selection of services, where the customer can decide on the level of service.
Zetacom also has its own training department and can offer custom made instructions on a location of choice.
The experience that has been gathered throughout the years in the field of telecommunications is gladly shared with customers. Think about consultancy on cost-saving, but also optimising the telephony system and the availability.

Development of new products and services are important to Zetacom. A lot of new developments are done by Zetacom's partners, so Zetacom can focus on finding the right implementation of these developments for customers. A selection of these developments are:

  • paging / alarming through wireless DECT and WiFi handsets.
  • real-time tracking system for location based search and alerts
  • Integrated voice logging.
  • IP-telephony
  • WiFi
  • Teleworking solutions
  • Computer supported telephony
  • The development of a user-friendly management tool.
  • Call traffic measurement, call accounting management and remote follow up of alarms.