Solutions for Contact Centers

VoIP Readiness & Monitoring

Clear the way for smooth and high quality IP contact center implementations

AudioCodes’ Network Voice Readiness Assessment service enables contact center operators to proactively assess the viability of existing data networks for new IP-based solutions. By carrying out the AudioCodes Network Readiness Assessment prior to deploying an IP contact center solution, companies can prevent performance degradation, reduced capacity and/or Quality of Service (QoS) issues. This, in turn, leads to drastically reduced post-deployment costs and increased user satisfaction.

By deploying AudioCodes’ Session Experience Manager (SEM) in an IP contact center network, companies can continue to monitor their networks after the initial deployment to identify and deal with potential quality issues before they become business-affecting.

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Benefits of AudioCodes’ Network Voice Readiness Assessment and Monitoring

  • Guarantee quality of service when voice services are added to existing data networks
  • Verify data networks’ readiness to carry the anticipated peak-hour call volume
  • Ensure that the addition of voice traffic will not adversely affect data delivery
  • Design multi-site voice services that deliver optimal voice quality for contact center agents and customers
  • Minimize total cost and risk by determining the best approach prior to rollout of IP contact center services