• Unveils IPmedia Server to Support Enhanced Services for the New Voice Infrastructure
  • Announces a New High-Density IPmedia™ Platform with Expanded Capabilities
  • Unveils Cable Access Gateway Family to Enable VoIP Cable Telephony Networks
  • Launches VoP Media Gateway Platforms to Enable the New Voice Infrastructure
  • Announces Mediant 2000 Carrier Network VoIP Gateway
  • Creates AudioCoded IPmedia Server Design Kit
  • Introduces Stretto 2000 Wireless Enterprise Media Gateway
  • Announces AC491 - New High Density VoP Processor
  • Announces Stretto 5000 Mid-Sized Wireless Media Gateway
  • Unveils AudioCoded Element Management System software
  • Introduces TP-2810 cPCI VoP Media Gateway Board with T3 Interfaces
  • Announces Mediant 5000 Mid-sized VoP Media Gateway