IP Phones

AudioCodes Application Note: The Compelling Advantages of AudioCodes’ 400HD IP Phones Series

400HD series of IP Phones

The AudioCodes 400HD series of IP Phones includes a range of easy-to-use, feature-rich products for the service provider hosted services, enterprise IP telephony and contact center markets. Based on the same advanced, field-proven underlying technology as our other VoIP products, AudioCodes high quality IP phones enable systems integrators and end-customers to build end-to-end VoIP solutions.

Managed IP Phones solution

AudioCodes IP phones can be offered as part of our of Managed IP Phones solution which defines the IP phone as an IT-managed entity and delivers unique and complete life-cycle management of end-user desktop devices.

The AudioCodes 400HD family of IP Phones includes:

450HD IP Phone

450HD IP Phone is a high-end, executive IP phone. The 450HD boasts a large, color 5” touch screen.

440HD IP Phone

440HD IP Phone an advanced, mid-range enterprise IP phone. The 440HD includes a dedicated LCD screen displaying contacts and their presence.

430HD IP Phone is a mid-range enterprise IP phone. Built for ease-of-use and convenience, the 430HD boasts a large LCD display and 12 programmable speed dial keys.

420HD IP Phone

420HD IP Phone is a cost-effective, feature-rich enterprise IP Phone. Its flexibility and robust design make it extremely suitable for demanding enterprise and contact center deployments.

405 SIP IP Phone

405HD IP Phone is entry-level enterprise IP phone designed to offer the essential everyday features that the modern business environment demands.