Mobile VoIP


AudioCodes MobilityPLUS enables operators to offer mobile voice messaging, over cellular data and Wi-Fi networks.

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AudioCodes MobilityPLUS offers a large scale platform, comprised of comprehensive backend servers, cellular to Wi-Fi handover and a variety of white label mobile applications. AudioCodes MobilityPLUS supports Apple® iOS™ and Google Android™ for smartphones, tablets, soft clients supporting Microsoft Windows™ for PCs and laptops and WebRTC client for web browsers.


  • White label mobile applications for Smartphones, tablets and PC’s
  • Superior wideband HD voice over Wi-Fi and cellular Data Networks – 3G/4G
  • Supporting converged services such as voice messaging over IP
  • Call handover between Wi-Fi and cellular data networks
  • Enables receipt of incoming calls and messages when mobile application is off
  • Integrated with social networks (e.g. Facebook)
  • Carrier Grade, highly available, scalable and reliable platform
  • Advanced, multi-tenant client management system
  • Interoperable with leading VoIP products’ vendors
  • Cloud-based solution or on-premise deployments

MobilityPLUS Screens

MobilityPLUS for Fixed Lines and Cable Operators

AudioCodes MobilityPLUS enables operators to reduce the fixed line subscribers churn rate, by mobilizing the fixed voice service of their residential (fixed line) customers. Additionally, new revenue stream opportunities are created by offering additional services such as advanced IP messaging and roaming services. The solution expands the operator’s customer segments to include residential and roaming customers using their own fixed line number over Wi-Fi /cellular data.  


MobilityPLUS for Mobile Operators (MNOs)

AudioCodes Roaming VoIP over cellular data/ Wi-Fi solution, enables operators to defend their roaming revenues and retain customers who seek low cost alternative roaming service providers, or use free OTT services while roaming.

Using MobilityPLUS operators may offer attractive low cost pricing, yet profitable to roaming subscribers using their own phone number.


MobilityPLUS for MVNOs

MVNO who obtain bulk access from MNO’s network services at wholesale rates seek ways to minimize costs and maximize their profit. Using AudioCodes MobilityPLUS solution, MVNOs can offer an alternative VoIP service as a substitute to mobile GSM service, advanced IP and even traditional SMS/MMS messaging over MNO data infrastructure. This minimizes the costs as MVNO buy mobile data services only from MNOs


MobilityPLUS for Over the Top (OTT)

The success of the latest OTTs is encouraging others to globalize their service and adopt OTT services and business model. It enables those service providers to target certain segments in specific regions. Using AudioCodes cloud based OTT MobilityPLUS solution, service providers may offer voice, advanced messaging and content sharing services using IP technology to communicate between individuals and groups.