Enterprise-grade speech recognition solutions

VocaNOM: A cloud-driven voice communication application for businesses and organizations


An innovative cloud-driven application for companies and organizations allowing voice-based dialing and routing.

Improving internal communication between employees and staff as well as external calls to suppliers (outbound) or from customers (inbound), VocaNOM provides the ultimate answer for the problem of managing multiple business contacts and dialing on the go.

Just dial by voice. The organizational phone directory is fully synced into the cloud alongside the smoothest speech recognition algorithms designed by AudioCodes. Altogether, VocaNOM makes your business calls simpler and friendlier than ever!

VocaNOM Website

AudioCodes' VocaNOM features and benefits:

  • Zero-time installation and functionality
  • Seamless compatibility with all of PBXs and IP-PBXs
  • Automatic synchronization of organizational contacts using Lightweight Directory
  • Access Protocol (LDAP) connection to an Active Directory or any Excel file
  • Comprehensive and friendly configuration and management tools
  • Driven by a public cloud platform (AWS), allowing increased availability and scalability in multiple geographic locations
  • High-level security for all system aspects

VOCANOM Speech Attendant Cloud Solution

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