Quality, Safety & Environment

AudioCodes Quality Management System (QMS) Policy:


  • Keenly aware of the importance of quality and the need to meet market and customer requirements and satisfaction, AudioCodes decided to adopt the ISO-9001 and ISO Guide 9000.3 in all areas of its activity.
  • The QMS implemented at AudioCodes ensures that in every element of its activity, the applicable and affirmative quality requirements will be firmly and continuously applied, as described in the company’s manual.
  • AudioCodes’ management has a responsibility to its customers to carry out this policy in detail, by applying and maintaining the Quality Management System as described in the company’s manual.

AudioCodes Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS ) Policy:


  • AudioCodes' management is committed to its employee’s occupational health and safety. In order to achieve this goal, management has decided to adopt and apply OHSAS-18001 requirements.
  • The inclusion of OHSAS-18001 in corporate policy, ensures that in every element of activity, the applicable and affirmative safety requirements will be strictly and continuously applied, as described in the company’s manual.
  • In order to control, maintain and prevent safety events in the company, management nominated internal Safety Trustees, a Safety Committee and hired a professional Safety Appointee to control and instruct all relevant personnel.

AudioCodes Environmental Quality Management System (EQMS) Policy:


  • AudioCodes’ management is acutely aware of the global efforts invested in reducing the damage to the environment and the fact that environmental resources are public resources. It is the policy of AudioCodes’ management to participate in this effort to the extent relevant to its activity and products. Being aware of these needs, the Company has adopted ISO-14001 in all its areas of activity.
  • AudioCodes is committed to prevent environmental pollution and damage and to strive towards continuous improvement of its environmental performance. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, AudioCodes will periodically measure its environmental performance and use the data to as feedback to continuously improvement this performance.
  • AudioCodes is committed to proactively apply its EQMS Policy in the development, manufacturing, service and end-of-life stages of its products.
  • The EQMS implemented in the Company, ensures that in all elements of its activity, the applicable and affirmative environmental requirements shall be strictly and continuously applied, as described in the Company’s Quality, Safety and Environmental Management manual.
  • As part of its activity, AudioCodes will do its utmost to meet the requirements of all applicable environmental regulations, with the main focus on the European Union's RoHS and WEEE Directives and REACH Regulation.
  • AudioCodes management nominated a Quality Assurance Director to be the focal point for this project and to be the authority to define and implement its EQMS. The Quality Assurance Director will report directly to AudioCodes’ CEO.

Management Commitment to Quality, Safety and Environmental Quality


  • Ensuring the Company’s leading position as a supplier of products and technology in the field of packet voice communication
  • Continuous improvement of products, customer satisfaction, and the company's business development
  • Constant improvement of the professional standard of company employees
  • Continuous improvement of the employees’ workplace safety and pollution prevention
  • Abiding by occupational health and environmental laws and regulations relevant to company activities, as well as additional requirements as defined by company management
  • Defines quantitative, measurable targets related to safety and environmental elements, and conducts surveys from time to time

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AudioCodes Certificates
AudioCodes LTD - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate (LTD)
AudioCodes INC - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate (INC)
AudioCodes LTD - ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
ISO 14001 Certificate (LTD)
AudioCodes LTD - OHASAS 18001:2007 Certificate
OHSAS 18001 Certificate (LTD)
AudioCodes LTD - Integrated Certificate
Integrated Certificate (LTD)