Autonomy etalk

Autonomy etalk

Company Details

Autonomy is the acknowledged leader in the rapidly growing area of Meaning Based Computing (MBC). Founded in 1996 and utilizing a unique combination of technologies born out of research at Cambridge University, the company has experienced a meteoric rise and currently has a market cap of $2.5 billion and offices worldwide. Autonomy's position as industry leader is widely recognized by analysts including Gartner Group, Forrester Research and Delphi, which calls Autonomy the fastest growing public company in the space. Autonomy's revenues are twice that of its nearest rival.

Products & Services Overview

Autonomy extends Meaning Based Computing technology into the contact center through its established etalk contact center solutions, achieving its vision of an Intelligent Contact Center. Leveraging Meaning Based Computing technology, the Intelligent Contact Center surpasses traditional CRM approaches and provides businesses with the ability to capture, share, and analyze critical structured and unstructured data in the contact center, enabling the bi-directional sharing of information within the enterprise. The result is enhanced operational performance, better customer support and actionable business insight.

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