Company Details

BoomeRing is a fast-growing software company providing mobility and converged communication solutions for enterprises, fixed-line and alternative operators worldwide, generating new revenue opportunities through enhanced services and dramatic increases in usage and ARPU. BoomeRing’s rapidly expanding client portfolio and partner network includes many FORTUNE 500 companies and service providers.

Products & Services Overview

BoomeRing solution is offering simple integration of mobile, VoIP, fixed communication and seamless roaming between WiFi & cellular networks including a sophisticated handoff mechanism. BoomeRing comprehensive platform includes: Business Communication Server; CLIENT software installed within a smart phone; Provisioning tool – generates CLIENT on the fly. BoomeRing also providea cost control & savings, Least Cost routing, recording and conferencing capabilities.

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

The combination of BoomeRing software and AudioCodes Mediant 1000 MSBG product is designated to integrate smoothly  with almost any PBX type (TDM or fully IP) based on standard SIP protocol (signaling) and interfaces such as E1/T1, FXO/FXS, ISDN, SIP trunk etc. This unique implementation enables seamless integration of mobile, VoIP and fixed communication, identifying optimal network connection for each call including roaming decisions, between WiFi and mobile networks.

Partner Details