Company Details

dvsAnalytics is a leading provider of recording and analytics solutions that deliver customer and organizational intelligence to improve workforce performance and enhance the customer experience. Its award-winning technology suite, Encore™, incorporates call recording, screen recording, quality management, reporting and analytics in a unified solution, designed to provide organizations with a 360 degree view of the customer experience.

For over 25 years, organizations such as communication services, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, publishing and retail, have relied on dvsAnalytics' solutions to gain a competitive advantage and achieve greater efficiency.

Products & Services Overview

Encore includes 100% or selective call recording and screen recording. All desktop activities, including Web chat sessions, websites visited, emails sent, etc. are recorded and used to help resolve customer disputes, verify transactions and improve service levels. With Encore’s Quality Management module, managers align KPIs with the goals of the organization and evaluators score agent performance in real-time. Encore Reports incorporate data from all Encore modules and third-party systems to provide complete performance results. Encore helps organizations protect customer data and maintain compliance by including security and encryption capabilities based on the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. It also seamlessly integrates with all major PBXs and supports both TDM and VoIP standards.

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

AudioCodes SmartWorks Call Logging Blades are fully integrated into dvsAnalytics' Encore Technology Suite.

Smartworks DP and DT Call Logging Products provide Trunk Side recording. SmartWorks NGX provide Station Side Recording and are fully integrated with over 50 PBXs.

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