Company Details

fabbricadigitale provides Saas innovative software platforms, pursuing a constant quest for technological excellence. Business Units include: Unified communications (www.boxedUC.com), Multimedia (www.XuniPlay.com), Transportation & Defense, and Outsourcing Services (boxedVDI). fabbricadigitales’ products include: boxedUC: integrated and scalable Unified Communications solution for companies of all sizes (www.boxedUC.com).

Products & Services Overview

boxedUc is an "Appliance as a Service" which virtualizes in a single server the whole Unified Communication suite of Microsoft.

It is a unique solution that allows you to have a complete environment with advanced routing, local security, and specific software designed for the appliance governance and for the self-management of resources. The "extended cloud" services comes complete with 360° customer support.

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

fabbricadigitale provides solutions for the Unified Communications market with a specific focus on Microsoft products; from system integration projects to boxedUC, the appliance embedding the whole of Microsoft’s UC software, taking advantage of the Hyper-V virtualization engine, which covers all the deployments requiring voice integration through specifically tested media gateways. The reliability of AudioCodes products added to the flexibility provided by the wide offer portfolio is a key value in all the deployments with those characteristics; the ability of AudioCodes products to interact with different kinds of technologies allows to design ‘smooth migration’ paths for clients, fixing successfully some of the major issues that this market has to face.

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