Company Details

Fenestrae, founded in 1990, is a leading provider of Unified Communications software products that help organizations optimizing their FAX, SMS and MMS communications with customers and partners.  Fenestrae is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and has customers in financial services, government, healthcare and many other industries.

Products & Services Overview

Fenestrae UC environments adds sending and receiving of FAX, SMS and MMS messages from the desktop and business application. No client software allows end-users to work with the existing user interface instantly, avoiding extra costs in training, management and maintenance. Support for compliance and latest regulations with the archiving module, digital signature functionalities and reporting module the management has an accurate overview on what is sent and received at any time.  Unified Communications does not stop at the ‘desktop’! Integrating into all types of business applications like SAP, SQL Reporting, Oracle and many more is possible with the .Net Web Service, SMTP or Printer Queue interface.

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

Fenestrae and AudioCodes collaborated to deliver sending and receiving of faxes into the Microsoft Unified Communications platform. Fenestrae software integrates into the MS Unified Communications platform at one side (for example into MS Exchange) and communicates via Fax Over IP (FOIP) with the AudioCodes MediaGateway at the other side. This means that the AudioCodes hardware is now fully used for voice and fax generating a fast Return On Investment (ROI) for the soft- and hardware.

Partner Details