Company Details

NEXTEL Italia, founded in 1989 is a young and dynamic company and one of the most prominent and respected sales companies of Pabx and Key Telephone systems in the Italian market. NEXTEL Italia is part of the NEXTEL GROUP, which consists of the following corporate structure: Nextel Italia (Rome - Italy) Nextel Telecomunicaciones (Madrid - Spain) Nextel International (Miami - Florida). The vitality of NEXTEL activities are demonstrated by the important OEM agreement with NAKAYO TELECOMMUNICATIONS,(Hitachi group) for distribution of NEXTEL Key Telephone Systems. In 1991, Nextel Telecomunicaciones was appointed as official supplier of "Telefonica" Spanish National Telephone Company and today more than 150.000 systems and 600.000 Key telephones have been installed in Italy and Spain, with a failure rate of less than one tenth of one per cent: quite a record.

Products & Services Overview

Nextel Italia in 2008 has introduced in the italian market the Nextel Web Office IP Platform, based on SIP Protocol  and Audiocodes technologies, that allows the end user to implement new business applications enabled by VoIP technologies at the same time while preserving the existing investments.
Nextel Web Office solution provide a flexible architecture from 16 to 1000 ports ready to be connected not only to analogue and ISDN networks but to VoIP Carriers  with SIP trunking capability that enable free calls between branch offices  and help the Companies  to reduce their monthly telephone bill.

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