Pure IP

Pure IP

Company Details

Pure IP is a boutique full service telco based in London and Auckland, New Zealand which provides voice network and technology solutions that enable customers with specialised communications needs to succeed. Our voice network covers the US, Europe, Asia and Australasia via our points of presence in New York, London, Sydney and Auckland. We currently support 120 customers in 13 countries 24/7 via our two centers of engineering excellence in London and Auckland. The latest technology is deployed for proactive network monitoring and the configuration and implementation of specialised customer installations.

Products & Services Overview

Pure IP offers the following services:


  • Sip trunking on MPLS or private circuits
  • US local, national and toll-free numbers and call termination
  • International local and toll-free numbers from 110 countries worldwide
  • SIP Termination - terminating calls worldwide
  • Porting of US and international numbers
  • Time of day routing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Voice continuity services (PBX contingency)
  • Hosted telephony
  • Email callback
  • IVR messaging and routing
  • Connection of legacy PBXs to SIP networks via media gateways

All the services are managed and configured in house usually within 24 hours once the network connectivity is built to a customer site.

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