Company Details

Telepo is the leading provider of enterprise mobility and converged communication solution. The software solution integrates wired and wireless networks, delivering true mobility, improved cost control, feature rich services and a consistent user experience, with a payback of 6-9 months.

Products & Services Overview

Telepo BCS is a mobile unified communication platform that combines traditional enterprise voice features with an outstanding level of modern multimedia IP communication services built on open standards supporting a wide range of devices from a Single point of management. The BCS platform is designed for deployment in hosting environments for ASP’s, ISP’s and fixed or mobile operators. Endpoints utilizing Telepo clients provides an intuitive service interface where the same look and feel is provided on all devices.

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

The Telepo BCS  solution is fully integrated with Audiocodes Media Servers (IP Media 2000) and Media Gateways (MP 11x, Mediant 600/1000/2000).

Partner Details