Fax Over IP

Fax transmission is a key application for many enterprises. Financial institutes, banks, government offices, lawyers, and many others still use fax machines to transfer a multitude of documents on a daily basis.

Moving from TDM-based PBXs to IP telephony, enterprises tend to gradually replace existing analog and TDM phones with IP phones. However, fax transmission is still a challenge and requires a reliable solution for connectivity with the new IP telephony infrastructure.

As a leader in Fax over IP (FoIP) technology, AudioCodes has developed a set of solutions for transmitting faxes over IP networks.

Guaranteed fax service over SIP trunks

When it comes to fax service, an enterprise connected to a SIP trunk may suffer from poor quality or even complete failure of its fax service. This issue is a result of differences in the fax protocols used by the SIP service provider and the enterprise. AudioCodes Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) help overcome the fax interoperability challenge by applying intelligent fax transcoding.

A typical fax network topology might look like this:


T.38 Fax Over IP Solution Diagram

enlarge image

AudioCodes Mediant E-SBCs are capable of seamlessly supporting fax transcoding to resolve fax incompatibility issues. Placed at the enterprise or the service provider’s edge, the E-SBC detects if transcoding is required and inserts a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) into the call path to perform transcoding between G.711 and T.38. In addition, the Mediant E-SBC can be set up to drive the connection to T.38 whenever both ends support both T.38 and G.711, to assure optimal fax quality.

AudioCodes Mediant E-SBCs provide the following advantages for enterprise fax service:

  • Enterprises and service providers no longer need to worry about fax interoperability issues
  • AudioCodes E-SBCs have a wide interoperability with hundreds of fax machines
  • Improve fax quality by minimizing the use of G.711 for fax transport over the internet (WAN)
  • Extra fast fax transfers through support of V.34. AudioCodes is one of the only E-SBC vendors to support V.34 fax modem. This protocol supports fast fax speeds of 33600 bps
  • AudioCodes offers a unique and complete solution which includes both SBC and fax adaptors (analog gateways) on the same platform, or as separate platforms

Fax over Enterprise IP Network

Enterprises can connect existing fax machines to their growing VoIP network by using AudioCodes’ MediaPack 1xx media gateways. The interconnection can include fax machines deployed in enterprise branches, connected to the enterprise IP network and to the PSTN.

By deploying AudioCodes’ MediaPack media gateways as fax adaptors, the enterprise enables toll free, reliable and transparent fax transmissions over its growing VoIP network, connecting to the IP-PBXs distributed across customer premises, while providing a seamless transition from the existing TDM network.

Leveraging T.38 fax over IP protocol and AudioCodes’ TP-260/SIP media gateway blades, advanced fax applications can be developed and deployed in cases connecting to existing PSTN circuits or PBX equipment

Fax Server

Fax servers have become popular in recent years by offering several benefits to enterprises:

  • The ability to receive faxes as an e-mail
  • The ability to fax any document you can print from the print screen
  • Consolidation of phone lines
  • Workflow applications that involve several people processing an inbound fax
  • Compliance standards for time and date stamping of transactions and archiving sent and received documents

AudioCodes is collaborating with leading fax server vendors, including market leader OpenText and its RightFax solution. As part of this collaboration AudioCodes’ Mediant 800 media gateway is offered as a fax appliance server for enterprises and managed services that wish to integrate and automate fax handling with existing business applications.