AudioCodes One Voice for Skype For Business

Compliance and Recording

Skype for Business - Compliance and Recording

Regulatory and compliance requirements placed on enterprise communications systems can represent a barrier to unified communications adoption if the new systems do not offer suitable solutions. Prime examples of this are call recording and emergency calling.

AudioCodes One Voice for Skype for Business includes integrated solutions for compliance call recording and location-based emergency calling, helping to make the deployment of Microsoft UC a reality for a vast range of businesses and organizations.

Call Recording

Many industries such as the financial, health care and customer care markets require passive recording of all or specific customer interactions, allowing for playback at a later date to resolve disputes or maintain customer service levels. Whether in a contact center or a distributed work environment, businesses must capture and record both sides of the customer interaction, without the need for agent or employee intervention.

AudioCodes SmartTAP call recording solution enables passive recording of any Skype for Business call regardless of its source or destination, preserving the content and maintaining compliance. The software-only solution also provides secured, managed access to archives of recordings for later retrieval for purposes such as quality assurance, staff training or dispute resolution.

ELIN-compliant Emergency Calling

Many authorities demand support for location-based emergency calling at enterprise offices to ensure rapid and accurate reporting of incidents to the relevant emergency service. For IP-based solutions such as Skype for Business where users have identical access to their services from wherever they may be, this poses additional challenges.

Emergency Calling with AudioCodes ELIN gateways

Emergency Calling with AudioCodes ELIN gateways

AudioCodes Mediant platforms include built-in support for ELIN location identification. AudioCodes was the first vendor to achieve Microsoft qualification for its emergency calling solution with full support for North American E-911 calls. This ensures both regulatory compliance and, most importantly, employee security.


  • Passive recording of any call regardless of source, destination or media type with simple and intuitive storage and retrieval
  • ELIN compliant emergency calling with automatic location detection integrated with AudioCodes Mediant platforms


  • Enables Skype for Business enterprise voice to be deployed in environments where regulatory and compliance issues are critical
  • Fully compliant emergency calling, without the need to adopt costly NG911 services