Asterisk & Open-Source IP-PBXs

With a strong emphasis on flexibility and interoperability, AudioCodes is the single-source supplier of VoIP network products for developers, system integrators and resellers of open-source enterprise VoIP systems, such as Asterisk.

AudioCodes’ offering for open-source IP-PBX deployments covers the full range of products required to build scalable, flexible and interoperable VoIP environments, including application hosting platforms, SIP and TDM-based connectivity and a variety of endpoints.

Asterisk and Open Source IP-PBX

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AudioCodes’ offering for open-source IP-PBX environments includes:

  • Robust Media Gateway and Multi-Service Business Router (MSBR) platforms capable of hosting IP-PBX applications
  • Trunking Media Gateways for interconnecting with the PSTN
  • Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) for flexible SIP trunking
  • Built-in DSP Farm on Media Gateway platforms to reduce processing load when implementing DSP intensive applications
  • Enterprise SIP Phones with HD VoIP support
  • HD VoIP support in Media gateways and SIP phones ensuring high voice quality
  • SIP-based Mobile Clients supporting major mobile operating systems (including IOS and Android) enabling end-user mobility
  • SIP mediation function enabling seamless interoperability between SIP devices and applications
  • Analog Gateways enabling legacy phones and fax machines to continue being used during the migration to a VoIP infrastructure
  • Branch Office survivability ensuring uninterrupted communications at remote offices even when connectivity to the central IP-PBX is lost
  • Private labeling opportunities enabling developers to offer AudioCodes’ solutions with their own branding