Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Virtualized Enterprise CPE (vE-CPE) Platform

vE-CPE Benefits for Hosted Service Providers

Virtualization of the enterprise CPE (vE-CPE) is one of the most compelling use cases of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) currently attracting the interest of hosted service providers.

vE-CPE provides a remotely manageable platform on which hosted service providers can easily deploy, modify or delete VNFs over Wide Area Networks (WAN).

AudioCodes vE-CPE platform integrates an Intel server module which can run multiple vE-CPEs, in conjunction with embedded Physical Network Functions (pNF) required for hosted business communications, such as:

  • Branch router with dual WAN interfaces, including support for 3G/LTE
  • VoIP SBC and media gateway for SIP interoperability, connectivity, security and resiliency

With its embedded support for data routing, SBC and media gateway, AudioCodes’ vE-CPE platform frees up its Intel-based server to host value-added services (VNFs).

AudioCodes' vE-CPE platform is compatible with OpenStack and 3rd party NFV orchestrators and can run AudioCodes virtualized SBC or any other 3rd party Virtualized Network Function (VNF).

The vE-CPE platform is based on AudioCodes' robust Mediant 800B platform with an integrated ATOM Intel processor.

Virtualized Enterprise CPE (vE-CPE) Platform

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