Solutions for Service Providers

VoIPerfect™ - Resilient, Quality-Assured HD Voice over Unmanaged Broadband Networks

Hosted UC providers need to support Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) to be able to offer cost-effective UC services to their enterprise and SMB customers. In order to maintain high voice call quality and ensure business communication availability, an advanced and holistic solution that spans service provider access, enterprise edge and IP phones as well as monitoring and orchestration is required.

AudioCodes VoIPerfect™ combines AudioCodes’ access and enterprise SBC technology with advanced HD voice codecs and proprietary enhancements to add resiliency, optimize voice quality and reduce costs of WAN links for UCaaS and SIP trunk services.

VoIPerfect™ is a solution for enabling delivery of secured, reliable and high voice quality that is built on top of a set of advanced technologies, implemented in our session border controllers, IP phones and management tools . The technologies include state of the art voice codecs, voice processing and call management enhancements designed to provide security, high availability and quality-assured high-definition voice in cloud-based environments, utilizing unmanaged cost-effective broadband links.

Included in VoIPerfect™ are voice enhancements such as:

  • Advanced voice processing and path optimization techniques to maintain high call quality even under adverse network conditions, mitigating impairments such as packet loss, jitter and delay
  • Advanced multi-rate coders such as Opus and SILK, to help businesses reduce costly bandwidth of private connections between branches, headquarters and hosted UC datacenters
  • Multi-link resiliency in SIP Trunk environments (including 3G/LTE) ensuring business-critical communications are always available

AudioCodes VoIPerfect Architecture

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High HD voice quality & resiliency

  • Utilizes advanced multi-rate coders to mitigate bad link conditions
  • On-the-fly coder characteristic adjustments to run optimally on Internet links
  • Transcoding to Opus for optimizing traffic over unmanaged connections
  • Optimizes encrypted media
  • Multi-WAN connections for resilient SIP Trunking
  • Local branch survivability
  • Optional fallback to PSTN

Benefits for OTT providers

  • Extend service to larger and multi-site business customers
  • Support Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) or Circuit (BYOC)
  • Reduced WAN costs (no need to lease expensive dedicated WAN links)
  • Shorter time to service (no need to wait 3-6 months to set up new MPLS link)

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Extend service to remote and international sites (support off-net deployments)
  • Reach more customers with cost-effective packages while maintaining high SLA
  • Complement MPLS offering with DSL/LTE backup
  • Support Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) or Circuit (BYOC)