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Device Manager
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Centralized, remote management

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Zero-touch installation deployments

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Up to 30,000 IP phones and devices

Device Manager

A powerful lifecycle management tool for AudioCodes IP phones and Jabra headsets and speakers.

  • Centralized, remote IP phone and other device management
  • Simplified deployments with zero-touch installation
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and rapid recovery
  • Manages up to 30,000 devices


AudioCodes Device Manager is a powerful and intuitive lifecycle management tool for enterprise IP phone and Jabra device deployments that enables administrators to deliver a reliable desktop phone service within their organization.

With the ability to deploy and monitor AudioCodes 400HD IP phones and Jabra headsets and speakers, the Device Manager identifies problems and fixes them rapidly and efficiently, ensuring employee satisfaction, increased productivity and lower IT expenses.

Available versions:

Device Manager Express  FREE download, suitable for up to 500 IP phones and up to 50 Jabra devices

Device Manager for CloudBond 365  Fully integrated with CloudBond 365 Skype for Business features

One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)  Server-based or virtualized application that supports multi-tenancy and is suitable for up to 30,000 IP phones and Jabra devices


  • Zero-touch installation ensures quick and simple deployments
  • Support for managed services environments through multi-tenancy
  • Enhanced troubleshooting abilities enable fast fault identification and rapid recovery
  • Reduced operational expenses thanks to remote management and configuration


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Manages up to 30,000 AudioCodes IP phones
  • Enables mass operations for Jabra headsets and speakers
  • Supports NAT traversal over HTTP proxy
  • Available in three different versions

Compare Device Manager Flavors

Type Device Manager Express Device Manager for CloudBond 365 One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)

Maximum device capacity

500 5,000 30,000

Zero-touch provisioning templates

Status and dashboard

Remote access

Firmware management

Alarm view

Support for Jabra

Mass operations

NAT traversal over HTTP proxy


User security management



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- -

High availability

- -

Alarm forwarding

- -

Supported platforms

Windows Server 2012 CloudBond Dedicated HP server, VMware, HyperV, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Marketplace
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