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Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

SBC as a Service (SBCaaS)

SBC as a Service (SBCaaS)
Let AudioCodes manage your SIP trunk and voice communications connectivity, security and quality.
SBC as a Service (SBCaaS)

AudioCodes SBC as a Service

SaaS is a powerful blend of simplification, access and affordability that makes it possible for today’s businesses to have easy and low-cost access to sophisticated software and complex IT infrastructures. It is a great way for organizations to achieve a range of business and operational goals, including:

  • Alignment with enterprise cloud strategy.
  • Compensating for a lack of technical expertise through outsourcing.
  • Making complicated integration projects and ongoing maintenance much easier.
  • Successfully meeting SLAs while reducing OPEX

AudioCodes’ SBC as a Service extends this concept to the world of session border controllers (SBCs), and is available either as part of a portfolio of managed services or as part of a self-service portal:

  • Focus on growing your business, not managing infrastructures
  • 24x7 peace of mind for business-critical communications
  • Smooth migration from on-premises to cloud
  • Certified for leading UC and contact center solutions

Managed Services

AudioCodes offers multiple managed services solutions that are deployed and maintained by our experts, covering Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone and contact centers. Managed SBCs are the foundation of these services, which extend beyond connectivity to user lifecycle management and contact center modernization. Managed services are typically suitable for large organizations requiring dedicated setups managed at the customer’s data center or hosted by AudioCodes.

Self-Service Portal

Our intuitive self-service portal offers quick and easy onboarding. It uses a simple wizard to help you to bring your own carrier (BYOC) or purchase phone numbers from AudioCodes in just a few clicks for easy integration with your existing telephony infrastructure. The self-service portal also enables you to add voicebots to your business communication flows.


  • Align your IT with your strategic objectives
  • Uninterrupted telephony service continuity ensured by a team of experts with a global presence and 24x7 availability
  • A trusted partner with a solution based on field-proven technology and products deployed worldwide for nearly three decades
  • Comprehensive security against fraud, eavesdropping and denial of service
  • Very wide interoperability for seamlessly connecting any unified communications platform and contact center with any SIP trunk


  • Service excellence with AudioCodes owning all layers of the solution and technology
  • High availability and geo-redundancy for service continuity and resiliency in case of outages
  • GDPR compliant and strict VoIP security based on advanced SBC technology to protect against different types of attacks
  • Agile customer experience via the intuitive self-service portal
  • Appliance, virtualized or cloud solutions to fit your specific requirements
  • Effortless scalability as per business needs
  • Simple and clear monthly pricing options

Mediant 9000 SBC

A family of high-capacity SBCs for service provider and large enterprise deployments.

AudioCodes’ highly scalable Mediant 9000 session border controllers (SBCs) are designed for deployment in large enterprise and contact center locations, and as access and peering SBCs for service provider environments.

Mediant 400 SBC

Cloud Entry

The AudioCodes Mediant 4000 is a session border controller (SBC) designed for deployment in large organizations and as an access SBC for service providers.

Mediant 400 SBC

Cloud Entry

The AudioCodes Mediant 4000 is a session border controller (SBC) designed for deployment in large organizations and as an access SBC for service providers.

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