Service Provider Access & Peering SBC

Service Provider Access & Peering SBC

Versatile, secure devices for service provider core deployments

  • Protect your investment Protect your investment
  • Reduce risks with flexible cloud licensing Reduce risks with flexible cloud licensing
  • Deployment flexibility Deployment flexibility
  • Uncompromising security Uncompromising security


Many service providers today are looking towards Network Function Virtualization as a way of cutting costs and becoming more agile in launching new services. Session border controllers (SBC), used on carriers’ core networks, are key elements that serve in access or peering roles. It is therefore imperative that service providers seeking to deploy a new SBC select one that is NFV ready. This is true even if an NFV network is not yet in place.

AudioCodes Mediant 9000 and Mediant Virtual Edition SBCs are NFV ready and deployed at the service provider’s core for both peering (interconnect) and access applications. With AudioCodes solutions, the same physical device can perform peering and access functions at the same time.

Service provider access & peering SBC deployment

Service provider access & peering SBC deployment


  • Deploy an SBC appliance (Mediant 9000) today and move to virtualization and NFV when ready
  • Transfer licenses from the Mediant 9000 to the virtual SBC without additional costs
  • Extensive partnership and interoperability with major NFV players
  • Freely move licenses between SBCs to match any growth trajectory between sites
  • Flexible fixed and floating license options
  • CAPEX and OPEX models
  • Cost-effective disaster recovery
  • Supports all major virtualization technologies: VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V, AWS
  • Performance and security certified by third-party lab (Miercom)


  • Advanced security capabilities such as dynamic firewall and known attacks signature protection
  • Flexible and cost effecting N+1 transcoding
  • Integrated WebRTC gateway
  • SIP to SIP-I interworking
  • Advanced routing, including least cost routing
  • Identical user interface shared by Mediant 9000 and virtual SBC
  • Small footprint. At its smallest footprint, AudioCodes' virtualized SBC supports 250 sessions, requiring just one virtual CPU and 2GB RAM
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