Voca - Agile Voice-Enabled IVR

Voca - Agile Voice-Enabled IVR

Win back the delight of calling

  • Domain-specific Voice Recognition expertise Domain-specific Voice Recognition expertise
  • Zero-to-service deployment in a few days Zero-to-service deployment in a few days
  • Smart Calling experience Smart Calling experience


AudioCodes Voca is designed for businesses looking to quickly and easily upgrade their calling experience, allowing callers to talk their way through the IVR menu.

By combining Voice.AI and Voice Networking technologies, the Agile Voice-Enabled IVR solution by AudioCodes features advanced, enterprise-grade Voice Recognition capabilities that instantly automate calling journeys for both customers and internal users, by using simple, intuitive voice requests.

Voca is designed to understand and master custom organizational vocabularies – such as contact names, departments, job titles, product names, branches and services – all are typically exclusive to organizations and industries.

Together with a real-time, self-serve Web Management Interface, customizing and managing Voca is as easy as it gets. With no prior technical knowledge required, IT or otherwise, anyone in the organization can operate Voca. Voca offers full customization of call flows, announcements and detailed calling analytics, providing a delightful calling experience with a single click.

The readymade solution is GDPR compliant and available on the Cloud or On-Premise, offering rapid deployment from zero-to-service in just a few days.

Why Voca?

  • A modern call automation solution using the most intuitive form of human communication – voice
  • By letting your customers talk, calls can be directed to the most suitable destination each and every time
  • Create an infinite number of phone destinations without a complex IVR menu
  • Can be quickly deployed and managed by anyone in your organization

Technical Highlights

  • Full support in English (US), German, Hebrew and Spanish (US, Spain and Multi-dialect) - with a wide coverage of dialects and accents
  • Unique Voice Recognition support for custom organizational vocabularies
  • Available for easy Cloud-based integration or secure On-premise deployment
  • Seamless integration with any PBX, UC or IVR system
  • Self-service Web Interface offering flexible and real-time management of call flows and announcements with unlimited entries available for Voice Recognition
  • Extensive call analytics allowing service admins to listen back to voice requests made by callers for easy and effective optimization
  • Secured and data protected, GDPR-compliant
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